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Build cognitive solutions for industries, Part 1: Cognitive computing ...

Sep 28, 2016 ... Our examples focus on the Telecommunication and Media & Entertainment
industries, but can be applied to other industries. We'll delve into some use cases
to illustrate key cognitive services and software components that are needed for
implementation. A key to successful implementation of a cognitive ...

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Build cognitive solutions for industries, Part 2: Use cases for industry ...

Oct 12, 2016 ... In Part 1 of this tutorial series, we gave an overview of cognitive computing and
provided examples of how cognitive computing is being used to create industry
solutions. We also determined a need for a cognitive platform to implement these
solutions. The benefits of a cognitive solution include the reuse of ...

Build cognitive solutions for industries, Part 3: Design patterns for ...

Jan 23, 2017 ... In earlier tutorials in this series, we gave an overview of cognitive computing and
provided examples of how cognitive computing is being used to create industry
solutions. We also provided successful cognitive use cases to help you
understand what can be accomplished by building a cognitive platform.

Explore the advanced analytics platform, Part 2: Explore use cases ...

Sep 24, 2013 ... Explore the advanced analytics platform, Part 2, Explore use cases that cross
multiple industries using the advanced analytics platform. Discover how the
advanced analytics platform supports multiple big data use cases. From the
developerWorks archives. Dr Arvind Sathi, Mathews Thomas, Mr Jinesh ...

The role of semantic models in smarter industrial operations

Oct 11, 2011 ... Both of these could leverage industry standards. Java™ Messaging Service (JMS
), for example, which is part of the Java EE specification, defines an API that you
can use for standardization of the interaction model for applications. JMS says
nothing, however, about the content of the information to be ...

Cloud and industry, Part 2: The chemical, petroleum industry and IIF

Jan 21, 2011 ... See how cloud computing technologies and architecture patterns using the IBM
Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (IIF) significantly
enhance the capabilities and agility of not only the chemical and petroleum
industry, but also enterprises with similar requirements, business models, ...

Being agile while still being compliant

Mar 5, 2013 ... How Diagnostic Grifols evolved its practices with this new report in mind; How
Diagnostic Grifols attained significant gains in productivity with a simultaneously
agile and compliant approach; How this type of approach could be used in other
regulated industries, as well. Diagnostic Grifols recently underwent ...

Best practices for software development projects

Jun 16, 2003 ... In our experience, software projects using modern technologies such as Java,
J2EE, XML, and Web Services are no exception to this rule. This article contains
a summary of best practices for software development projects. Industry
luminaries such as Scott Ambler, Martin Fowler, Steve McConnell, and Karl ...

How the IBM Analytics Mediation Platform fulfills business goals in ...

Jul 28, 2015 ... Companies have access to more data than ever, but the data is often in disparate
systems and dissimilar formats. Put this growing volume of data to work
generating real-time insights that lead to meaningful actions. Learn how IBM's
Analytics Mediation Platform (AMP) helps customers in the mining industry ...

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