Read and write Excel data with PHP

Oct 4, 2005 ... In this article, I show how to build a PHP Web application that uses these formats
to read data into a database from an Excel spreadsheet and to ...

Combine advanced spreadsheet export with PHP to create pivot tables

Apr 12, 2011 ... Six years ago, I wrote an article, "Read and write Excel data with PHP," about
using PHP to export data as a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.

Starting to use ODBC with PHP

May 24, 2011 ... ODBC is a connector that makes PHP development "database connector-
agnostic. ... It can also be used against CSVs and Excel spreadsheets, .... The
connector string will be matched with your odbc.ini file, so make sure that ...

Integrate Google Spreadsheets data with PHP, Part 1

Dec 7, 2010 ... Google Spreadsheets is a well-known cloud-based spreadsheet ... to easily build
new applications around user space spreadsheet data.

php Development Framework : Export Excel Sample

Jun 1, 2012 ... This sample demostrate the export excel data from a table results object ... and
will show the link Scarica Report to download the generated excel file ... So for
example, if you want to put the column "Nome Articolo" as the first ...

Bluemix fundamentals: Add an SQL database to your PHP app

Oct 5, 2015 ... Learn how to create and add an SQL database to your PHP web applications ...
You can load data from the Excel spreadsheet into your SQL ...

Tip: Reading data from Gnumeric spreadsheets directly through ...

Jul 6, 2010 ... With Gnumeric as the spreadsheet and PHP as the reporting ... To view the data
directly, make sure the spreadsheet is stored using zero ...

Open output: Producing ODF spreadsheets from your Web services

Nov 17, 2009 ... Writing a Web service that produces data in text format is quite ... This article
shows how to produce Open Document Format (ODF) spreadsheet files (or ....
Producing CSV files with PHP is quite easy (see the code in Listing 2).

CouchDB basics for PHP developers

Mar 23, 2010 ... What this means is that you can create a CouchDB database that accepts JSON
documents. Each document gets a unique revision ID and has ...

Information Management:DB2 Application Development:how can i ...

Sep 8, 2007 ... i need to upload a excel sheet from php into mysql,so to create the table,create
the fields ... Re: how can i store exel data into a mysql from php.

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