Mobile cloud computing

Mar 11, 2011 ... Smart phones, tablets, and cloud computing are converging in the new, rapidly
growing field of mobile cloud computing. ... For application developers, it offers a
Java™ development environment that includes a BlackBerry IDE, a smart phone
simulator, and APIs for Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) ...

IBM developerWorks : New to Java programming

New to Java programming? This page provides an overview of Java technology
and explains its role in modern software development for desktop PCs, servers,
mobile devices, the web, and the cloud. Links to relevant developerWorks
content and IBM downloads and products give you a rich starting point for further

Give me liberty and secure Java EE applications or give me death ...

Apr 25, 2017 ... What about when you move your Java EE applications to the cloud? You might
end up with different domains and application modules. And, you might also lose
your established reverse proxy, clusters, and session affinity. You need to
implement Java application security, role-based authorization, and ...

What is IBM Bluemix?

Feb 24, 2014 ... IBM Bluemix is the newest cloud offering from IBM. Bluemix is a platform as a
service (PaaS) offering based on the Cloud Foundry open source project that
delivers enterprise-level features and services that are easy to integrate into
cloud applications. This article provides a high-level overview of Bluemix ...

Create and manage cloud applications with Java

Feb 10, 2015 ... For full, continuous integration, you need to automate deployment of applications
in the cloud. This tutorial includes examples that show how to use the Cloud
Foundry Java Client Library to automate how you create and manage apps in
IBM Bluemix.

Best practices for cloud computing multi-tenancy

Jul 5, 2011 ... Discover best practices and tools for creating cloud computing multi-tenancy
architectures as well as initial planning for scalable and highly available ...
Disadvantages include more complex application architecture and
implementation; rather than the infrastructure dealing with multi-tenancy, the
application ...

Refactoring to microservices, Part 1: What to consider when ...

Apr 13, 2016 ... In both the Cloud and Agile programming communities, it seems like everyone is
talking about microservices. Other architectural principles like REST have taken
the development world by storm, and now microservices are the newest wave to
crest. But what are they? And why would a Java™ developer ...

Java development 2.0: Securing Java application data for cloud ...

Java development 2.0, Securing Java application data for cloud computing. Use
private-key encryption to protect cloud data. From the developerWorks archives.
Andrew Glover. Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: January 24,
2012. Data security is a serious concern for organizations considering cloud ...

Bluemix User Group : Java Web Cloud Computing with Bluemix

Apr 22, 2016 ... Cloud Computing with Bluemix 101. Multiple perspectives, such as application,
infrastructure, information, integration, and security aspects, are considered when
building an application to run. Developers work daily to design, develop,
integrate, test and deploy the code in the respective areas. In order to ...

Transparent network acceleration for Java-based workloads in the ...

Jan 28, 2014 ... Currently, communication logic among distributed Java application components
deployed in the cloud is implemented through TCP/IP socket ... RDMA programs
are typically written in C/C++ using low-level APIs such as OpenFabrics Alliance (
OFA) verbs or high-performance computing tools such as the ...

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