Build RESTful web services using Spring 3

Jul 27, 2010 ... Learn how to use Spring APIs and annotations to build RESTful web ... Another
common feature of REST services is that they can produce ...

Create stand-alone web services applications with Eclipse and Java ...

Nov 13, 2008 ... How to use the Ant Java-based build tool within the Eclipse IDE to run a special
Java command to generate some of the code.

Create RESTful Web services with Java technology

Feb 23, 2010 ... For REST services development, the simple servlet model is ..... and
comprehensive API for developing Java-based RESTful services.

A multi-tier architecture for building RESTful Web services

Jun 9, 2009 ... You'll also learn about Java frameworks for building RESTful Web services as
well as a shared multi-tier architecture for building both RESTful ...

Build RESTful Web services and dynamic Web applications with the ...

Jun 30, 2009 ... Continue your training on building RESTful Web services and dynamic Web
applications using the multi-tier architecture. This article gives you ...

REST, Web services, REST-ful services

Jun 14, 2010 ... Current Java-based frameworks for building REST-ful services like ... CXF, JAX-
WS) try to support both SOAP and REST services, they tend to ...

RESTful Web services: The basics

Nov 6, 2008 ... REST defines a set of architectural principles by which you can design Web
services that focus on a system's resources, including how ...

Build and deploy a sample Liberty application to Bluemix

Feb 2, 2015 ... ... to deploy an application using the Watson Question and Answer service on
Bluemix. The deployed application is a Java-based application.

Spring bean management using Java configuration

Jul 19, 2011 ... It will illustrate the Java based bean configuration by comparing it with the ... We
will take the 'Create Course' use case of an Online University.

Developing a high performance API for IBM Cognos integration ...

Jul 9, 2015 ... Performance is a key measurement for an API, especially when the API is
integrated with services that may not respond quickly. One example ...

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