IBM Spectrum Scale Wiki : NFS and GPFS

This is because with GPFS 3.4 or earlier NSD servers cannot be configured
dynamically and require an unmount of the file system. By configuring NSD
servers up front you can easily add NSD or mulit-cluster access to the data
without having to unmount the file system. Ensure the NFS services are not
started by default and ...

dW:IBM developer solutions:General Parallel File System (GPFS ...

Our present cluster serves out Clustered NFS to our primary network (172...) and
regular NFS to our other network (192...) via the NSD servers. We are adding two
new NSD servers and would like to start serving Clustered NFS to the 192...
network also. So the question is: Can we serve Clustered NFS out ...

using Spectrum Scale as NFS V3 datastore for VMware ESXi

What is the IBM's official stance of using Spectrum Scale as NFS V3 datastore for
VMware ESXi, say the latest version of 6.0? Currently, VMware Compatibility
Guide shows this (see URL #1 and attached screen shot image):. Well, IBM
Elastic Storage Server (ESS) does not provide the Cluster Export ...

Clustered NFS

I have a cnfs cluster of 6 systems, each serving different file systems in the cluster
(2-3 per server). DNS pointes the clients to the right server. Sometimes one will
get overloaded, and I can track it to a specific file systems. What I'd really like to
know is what NFS traffic is coming in, so I can track it back to a ...

dW:IBM developer solutions:General Parallel File System (GPFS ...

Our GPFS cluster (ver was originally setup as a clustered NFS. We would
like to start moving nodes from clustered NFS to Full GPFS. We are running into
difficulty after installing the RPM's and compiling the portability layer on Red Hat
AS 4 systems, install works fine but doing mmstartup we get: ...

IBM Spectrum Scale Wiki : CNFS

Implementing a basic clustered NFS using GPFS on Linux is discussed in the
GPFS Advanced Administration Guide. The cluster configuration parameter
cnfsSharedRoot is required. The documentation mentions only that it 'is the path
name to a GPFS directory, preferrably on a small, separate file system that is not
exported ...

Deploying a big data solution using IBM Spectrum Scale

Clustered NFS. IBM Spectrum Scale allows you to configure a subset of nodes in
the cluster to provide a highly available solution for exporting Spectrum Scale file
systems NFS. The participating nodes are designated as clustered NFS (CNFS)
member nodes, and the entire setup is frequently referred to as CNFS or a CNFS

NFS export remote cluster filesystem

Hello all, I'd like to ask if it's possible to NFS export a remote GPFS cluster
filesystem. What I would like to do is mount a GPFS filesystem on nodes of
clusterA from remote clusterB and configure some of the clusterA nodes as NFS
servers exporting it. Could that be done? Michal Strnad. Log in to reply.

dW:IBM developer solutions:General Parallel File System (GPFS ...

We have a number of VM's that we give "casual" access to GPFS via NFS. We're
using the clustered NFS (CNFS) in GPFS to provide this access. While we do our
best to balance the overall load across the 6 CNFS servers, we continue to see
one or more nodes impact access for all the other nodes using a ...

Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) Configuration for NFS HA Cluster ...

Jul 20, 2012 ... Hosts File & Network Interface Configuration on Both Nodes: [root@node1 ~]# cat
/etc/hosts # Do not remove the following line, or various programs # that require
network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost 192.168.
11.11 node1 ...

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