Highly Available GitLab on Linux on Z - Whitepaper - Linux on ...

Jun 29, 2017 ... The purpose of this white paper is to define a highly available architecture for
GitLab on the Linux® on Z and IBM® LinuxONE™ platform. GitLab is an open
source git application with a web frontend, that utilizes multiple open source
technologies. The scope of this paper includes the architectural design ...

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Firstly, thanks for the fantastic information! is anyone running git and git lfs on
Linux on System z? We use RHEL on System z to assemble, compile and build
our code for anther mainframes (z/TPF) and we're interested in moving our
repository to git and then using jenkins but we need the existing Linux on ...

Git for Subversion users, Part 1: Getting started

Aug 4, 2009 ... It requires beginner-level knowledge of Subversion and some general
knowledge of version control systems. The information here is mainly for users of
UNIX®-like (Linux® and Mac OS X) systems, with a little bit thrown in for
Windows® users. Part 2 of this series will discuss more advanced uses of Git: ...

The Linux on Power Community : Build F17 with Memory Compression

Generate patches from linux-next. 1. If you don't already have a linux git
repository, git one (see what I did there?): git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/
linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git. 2. Add the stable tree as a remote: $ cd linux $
git remote add stable git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-
stable.git $ git ...

Part 1: Building GitLab Omnibus Installer - Linux on System Z Test ...

May 16, 2016 ... GitLab HA Part 1: Omnibus Installer. This is the first blog post in a series that will
explain how to build a high availability instance of GitLab on the Linux on Z
platform. The first step in that process is to build the GitLab installation package
for the Linux on Z architecture. GitLab has many different installation ...

Installing and setting up Swift 3.0.1 and Kitura 1.1 on Linux on Z ...

Jun 19, 2017 ... Installing and setting up Swift 3.0.1 and Kitura 1.1 on Linux on Z. (Ubuntu) 1.
Installing swift. Use this guide for building swift 3.0.1: Building Swift · linux-on-ibm
-z/docs Wiki · GitHub This script is a compilation of the directions from the git
page linked above. Use at your own risk. P.S. If it seems like it installed ...

dW:AIX and UNIX:AIX Forum:AIX and GIT repository software - AIX ...

git and all its dependencies are available at AIX toolbox " http://www-03.ibm.com/
systems/power/software/aix/linux/toolbox/alpha.html". For ease of use we have
also made YUM available for AIX. With YUM you need not to worry about the
dependencies of any open source tool available on AIX toolbox it will ...

Swift SDK (formerly iOS SDK) now supports Linux platforms - IBM ...

Feb 17, 2017 ... remote: This repository moved. Please use the new location: remote: git@github.
com:watson-developer-cloud/swift-sdk.git To git@github.com:watson-developer-
cloud/ios-sdk.git 44a0f0f..09573dd your_branch_name -> your_branch_name. In
order to dismiss and remove the warning Git returns following ...

Learn the workings of Git, not just the commands

Jan 27, 2015 ... Git is a commonly used decentralized source code repository. It was created by
the Linux creator Linus Torvalds for the management of the Linux kernel source
code. Whole services like GitHub are based around it. It is even used in IBM's
DevOps Services alongside the IBM Rational Team Concert™ ...


Forum > Topic: Hi Team, I want to install git client on AIX 6.1 platform. Git
repository is running on linux server. Using my git client on AIX 6.1, I would like to
clone the repo and work, check-in the code. Comment: Installing latest version of
OpenSSL, Curl, git fixed this problem.

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