Five common PHP design patterns

Jul 18, 2006 ... Design patterns are just for Java architects -- at least that's what you may ... The
factory pattern is a class that has some methods that create ...

Five more PHP design patterns

Mar 25, 2008 ... PHP V5's object-oriented features give you the ability to implement design
patterns to improve your code's design. When you improve your ...

Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP

Oct 28, 2008 ... With PHP's object-oriented (OO) language features, if you aren't ... Modularity—
one of the key characteristics of good OO design — helps with this maintenance.
..... You can use a Factory pattern to create an instance of an ...

PHP V5.3 invigorates object-oriented programming with late static ...

Feb 15, 2011 ... Find out how LSB fixes some of PHP's OOP coding issues and learn how to
implement some well-known object-oriented design patterns that ...

Get to know the QueryPath PHP library

Apr 28, 2009 ... The new QueryPath library, a PHP cousin of the jQuery JavaScript library, ...
design patterns, you might recognize qp() as a variant of the factory ...

5 つの共通 PHP デザイン・パターン

2006年7月18日 ...Design Patterns』に記載されたデザイン・パターンのほとんどは、疎結合を奨励し ... 図
1. factory クラスと関連 IUser インターフェースおよび User クラス.

Web Experience Factory 8.5

Applications PHP / Web Application Integration ... Web Experience Factory (WEF)
Recent History and. Roadmap .... Implements an application design pattern.

Design with the JSF architecture

Dec 2, 2005 ... Design patterns discussed in detail are Singleton, Model-View-Controller,
Factory Method, State, Composite, Decorator, Strategy, Template ...

Unit testing with mock objects

Nov 1, 2002 ... ... to create mock objects based on the factory method design pattern. ... Solution:
Extract the creation code into a factory method, override this ...

Modeling Stateful Resources with Web Services

Mar 5, 2004 ... stateful resources in terms of the implied resource pattern, a set of conventions
on. Web services ..... reference. This design choice implies a one-to-one mapping
from Web service ... service represents an explicit WS-Resource factory. ..... http://

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