Using Ext.Direct in Ajax applications

Oct 12, 2010 ... This article uses Ext.Direct to communicate with PHP server-side ... This example
uses PHP arrays to avoid the need to parse JSON or XML.

Ext.Direct を Ajax アプリケーションで使用する

2010年10月12日 ... この記事では Ext.Direct を使用してサーバー・サイドの PHP スクリプトとの .... この
ファイルは実際には <script> タグを使用して HTML ページにロードされ ...

Build Ext JS extensions and plug-ins

Nov 23, 2010 ... In this article learn how to build your own Ext JS extensions and plug-ins. ... It
also handles Ajax and direct web remoting, has an impressive collection ...... The
developerWorks tutorial series "Learning PHP" takes you from the ...

Reverse Ajax, Part 4: Atmosphere and CometD

Sep 6, 2011 ... To run the sample in the article, you will also need the latest version of Maven .....
tutorial reviews the process of running a WebSocket server in PHP, and ... behind
Ext JS, and shows how to use the Ext JS framework for rich ...

Compare JavaScript frameworks

Feb 2, 2010 ... For example, using regular JavaScript, you might select a DOM ... ExtJS works in
a similar manner, with the following syntax for ..... url: 'server-script.php', ....
controls, toolbars and menus, drag and drop, and direct remoting.

IBM Spectrum Scale Wiki : Install and configure a GPFS cluster on AIX

Aug 23, 2016 ... Note 1: The above example is from GPFS V4.1 Express Edition. ... gpfs.ext
A F GPFS Extended Features .... NSD server field (ServerList) can be left
blank if both nodes have direct access to the shared LUNs. ... See the following: for explanation.

Ext JS の拡張機能とプラグインを作成する

2010年11月23日 ... また Ext JS は Ajax や DWR (Direct Web Remoting) を扱うこともでき、驚く .... css/
ext-all.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/adapter/ext/ ...

Demystifying class loading problems, Part 1: An introduction to class ...

Nov 29, 2005 ... Simple applications can use the Java platform's built-in class loading facility ... -
Djava.ext.dirs=<directories and zip/JAR files separated by ; or :> ...

Create your own browser extensions, Part 1: Extend your reach into ...

Aug 21, 2012 ... A simple one-page tutorial on how to build a "Hello World" extension will give you
a super-simple overview of how extensions are put together, but it won't be ..... "
update_url": "",.

IBM Informix 11.5 Informix Application Development and Extensibility

CONNECTIVITY . ..... Direct ODBC driver manager is shipped with the CSDK
bundle for Sun. Solaris 32-bit ..... the source directory to the ext directory. o Make
sure ...

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