Differentiating UNIX and Linux

Mar 14, 2006 ... For example, device names within Linux might emulate AIX, while the filesystem
tools seem more like the tools supplied with HP-UX. These sorts of
inconsistencies even exist between different Linux distributions. For example,
Gentoo and RedHat have different methods for keeping their systems current ...

Compare DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Sep 1, 2011 ... DB2 product editions available for z/OS and Linux, UNIX, Windows (LUW) are so
different that DB2 database administrators must often possess different skills to
deliver on different ..... Though the Load utility is available on both DB2 z/OS and
DB2 LUW, you will find significant differences between them.

Processor utilization difference between IBM AIX and Linux on ...

Oct 15, 2015 ... This article covers the case study to find the comparison between IBM® AIX® and
Linux on Power processor utilization with the help of network workload. The
article also explores why there is a considerable difference between the overall
system-level processor utilization reported on the IBM Power® ...

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

Re: Difference between srvcon_auth and authentication dbm parameters. Mar 29
, 2016. In older DB2 LUW releases a single DBM CFG parameter,
AUTHENTICATION, was used to control both instance-level (e.g. db2start)
authentication as well as database-level authentication. The purpose of ...

Guide to porting from Solaris to Linux on POWER

Feb 15, 2005 ... Accelerate your porting efforts by following this six-step guide. Learn the
differences between Solaris and Linux on POWER that you commonly encounter
during a port. Get an introduction to the development environment for Linux
running on IBM POWER processor-based systems, and see how Sun's ...

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

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DB2 LUW : What is difference between DB2 "wse instance type" and ...

Dec 18, 2016 ... there is difference between Windows and Unix(and linux). On Windows, if the
user already created the wse instance, they need to run db2iupdt for migrating
from wse to ese as stated at "For root installation on Windows operating systems"
section of "db2icrt - Create instance command" as you pointed out.

Technical guide for porting applications from Solaris to Linux ...

Feb 12, 2002 ... Sparc platform: This approach allows an easy migration for Solaris developers to
port a Linux application to a different target platform. The first step is to .... If data
with multibyte values is being transferred between BE and LE systems, then it is
simply a matter of providing code that swaps the bytes. For the ...

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

product family, one is the db2 which is relatonal database system, the > other is
ims db which is a hierarchical system, i am familiar with > relationaldatabase,but i
don't know what is the hierarchical db, who can > give me some instructions, and
what is the difference between them? how > can i make the ...

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

Mar 26, 2008 ... authid - Authorization ID at time of audit event. execution id - Execution ID in use
at the time of the audit event. session authid - The Session Authorization ID at the
time of the audit event. having same values of the login user. There will be some
difference between these attributes. Can anybody tell the same ...

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