Backup a DB2 database and restore redirect it to a different location ...

Oct 11, 2012 ... In cases like this you may use the RESTORE REDIRECT. Let's see an use case
below: The DBA needs to clone the ATOP_STG database and create a
ATOP_TST database as clone of the first one. So the first step will be perform a
backup: $ db2 backup db ATOP_STG to /db/db2data/instdevp/backups ...

DB2 Basics: Cloning DB2 Databases Using Redirected Restore

Oct 31, 2002 ... 2002 International Business Machines Corporation. All rights reserved. This
article is written for IBM® DB2® Universal DatabaseTM for Linux, UNIX®, and
Windows®. A database restore operation uses a database backup image to
recreate a database. If you want to clone a database from one machine to ...

Database Recovery Using Redirected Incremental Restore

Dec 5, 2002 ... How do you recover your database to a new server when no full backup image
representing the current state of the database exists? This article gives you a
strategy for recovery from disaster.

Copy your SAP ERP system across platforms using DB2 redirected ...

Jul 31, 2003 ... Important: Read the disclaimer before reading this article. This article provides a
step-by-step guide you can use to perform a cross-platform heterogeneous
system copy of an existing SAP system across different platforms using a
redirected restore operation. This functionality is available in DB2 Version 8 ...

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...
cert7316-pdf.pdf. This is a my script and error received : RESTORE DATABASE

Skipping Tablespaces while doing Restore (DB2 UDB LUW ...

Mar 16, 2012 ... DB2 UDB LUW Restore Command can be used to RESTORE A Set of
Tablespaces from a Backup Image which has been Created by DB2 Backup
Utility. ... Db2restore db sample rebuild with all tablespaces in image except
tablespace(ts1) from /local/udb/SAULB022/archive/sample into sample redirect”.


Is redirected restore supported when initializing the HADR standby? ... How do I
find out which HADR features were added in which DB2 release? ... The DB2 log
archive compression feature (enabled via database configuration parameter
logarchcompr1 or logarchcompr2) compresses log files when they are archived.

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

Group, I'm performing a redirect restore between Solaris 10 servers. My system
and DB2 information: System information: Solaris 10, SPARC processor (both
source and target) DB2 Information: Source: DB2 V8.2 ESE FP15 Target: DB2 V8
.2 ESE FP7 I'm trying to restore DB2 backup taken on 64bit ...

DB2 Tips n Tricks Part 99 - How To Perform Redirected Restore ...

Nov 11, 2016 ... Hi All, How To Perform Redirected Restore without REDIRECT Keyword Use
RESTORE Command with Option ON DB2 REDIRECT RESTORE Thanks,
Happy Learning & Sharing

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

Hi all, This is a very urgent issue for my team. We are trying a Redirected restore
the most current online DB2 UDBv8.2 backup copy from prod disk to another/test
instance disk on . Our environment is RedHat Linux. We have tried the following
with failure: (1)db2prd1@aaanpudb1 /$ db2 restore db ...

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