IBM cloud technologies: How they all fit together

Jun 9, 2015 ... Explore the various types of cloud computing systems available and the
guidelines that can help you with real-world application deployments on top of a
cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Stack for LinuxONE - July 2016

Jul 10, 2016 ... Cloud Stack Architecture Leveraging Open Source. Physical. Infrastructure.
Storage. Switches. Virtual. Infrastructure. Infrastructure as-a-Service. Platform as-
a-Service z/VM. KVM for IBM z. SLES. OpenStack. Nova. Neutron. Cinder. Docker
. Container Management. Kubernetes Mesos. Cloud Foundry. SUSE ...

Managing VMs with the Virtual Machine Manager

Oct 31, 2012 ... virt-manager is not just another tool: It's a step toward open clouds with open
APIs and an open cloud stack (desktop, server, data center). The virt-manager
and related tools provide both a simple and a powerful environment for
managing virtualization on a desktop. Whether you prefer the power and ...

IBM's approach to open technology

May 16, 2016 ... From our work with Linux, Apache, and Eclipse to our current work across all
layers of the cloud stack, application development, blockchain, artificial
intelligence, quantum computing, and machine learning, IBM has demonstrated a
sustained commitment to driving innovation in open source, delivering a ...

OpenStack & Cloud

SmartCloud Provisioning. Automate Optimized. Workloads. SmartCloud Entry.
Automate IT Delivery. Customer integrated hardware. PureFlex System.
PureApplication. System. Automate Optimized. Workloads. Key. Common. Cloud
Stack. Factory. Integrated. Bundle. Option. IBM SmartCloud Foundations &
OpenStack ...

Do we need SAN skills in a stacked and clouded world? (seb's ...

Sep 20, 2012 ... ... definitely won't need everybody to know how it works. But the ones remaining
in that area will need to be the real experts. Skilled, trained, experienced and
motivated. You might say: "That's the case with virtually everything!" and you are
right. So why not SAN? Tags: skill cloud stack troubleshooting learn ...

Architect's Notebook : Cloud and Patterns

2014年2月24日 ... Open Source Cloud Infrastructure ( IaaS); IBM is a key contributor to this Open
Source effort and is supporting this as an IaaS platform for IBM SmartCloud
Orchestrator; IBM is aligning all SmartCloud offerings onto a Common Cloud
Stack. OpenStack is a key component of the IBM Common Cloud Stack.

The DreamFactory REST API Platform Now Supports IBM DB2 ...

Jan 14, 2015 ... Deep support for the IBM cloud stack. Our REST API platform can be installed on
SoftLayer Virtual Servers and Bare Metal Servers. We also have a listing in the
SoftLayer Marketplace. Developers can install DreamFactory on desktop
computers running OS X, Windows, and Linux. These images can be ...

Open Source & ISV Ecosystem Enablement for LinuxONE and IBM z ...

Jun 9, 2016 ... 2. Agenda. • S. • Our Linux Heritage & now LinuxONE. • Linux You Way - Open-
source Ecosystem Content. • Linux Without Limit – Speed, Scale, and More. •
Cloud Stack, Hybrid Cloud, and the API Economy. • Scalable Financial Trading
Analysis Demorce Products ...

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