saposcol and shared memory on AIX. (Chris's AIX Blog)

Jul 9, 2010 ... If you are a system administrator that is responsible for managing AIX systems
that run SAP, then you've probably had an experience similar to the following?
OK, so one day my SAP Basis administrator contacts me and says “ I can't start
saposcol ......can you please reboot the system? ” I quickly reply ...

Chris's AIX Blog

Jul 6, 2009 ... Use a NIM client's rootvg to create a NIM mksysb resource that has been
migrated to a new version or release level of AIX. - Use a NIM mksysb resource to
...... You cannot assign the same paging device to a shared memory pool on
more than one system at the same time. If you accidentally assign a SAN ...

Migrating to AIX 7.1 with nimadm. (Chris's AIX Blog)

Jan 27, 2011 ... Last year I wrote an article on using nimadm to migrate to AIX 6.1 . The
procedures outlined how to migrate a live system with nimadm and a spare disk.
Another method that I have found to be extremely useful is the migration of
mksysb images from one version of AIX to another using (you guessed it) ...

SAP agent: User™s Guide

OS Collector. The SAP agent relies on the saposcol program provided by SAP to
collect operating system and file ...... After seeing these results, you return to the
Gateway Statistics workspace, but you cannot see any ...... Package Cache Size (
Pages) Allocated out of the database shared memory, and is used for caching of.

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