Java programming with JNI

Mar 26, 2002 ... This tutorial describes and demonstrates the basic and most commonly used
techniques of the Java Native Interface -- calling C or C++ code from Java
programs, and calling Java code from C or C++ programs -- to help you develop
your own JNI solutions quickly and efficiently.

Information Management:Optim LUW:c call java privacy function in ...

We use an C userexit to call a java function to mask data. we run the convert
request in command line, using command like pr0cmnd /R TYPE=convert monitor+. After the command finished, there're 2 errors in
report, one is convert process failed, and the other one is "Fatal error ...

Integrating Java EE applications and C-based implementations in ...

Mar 14, 2012 ... The Java Native Interface (JNI) is a programming framework that enables Java
code running in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to call and to be called by native
applications and libraries written in other languages such as C, C++ and
assembly. This article describes how developers can leverage this ...

Best practices for using the Java Native Interface

Jul 7, 2009 ... For example, implementation of core class libraries might require cross-package
calls or the need to bypass other Java security checks. The JNI lets you
accomplish these tasks. It provides a clean separation between the execution of
Java code and native code (such as C/C++) by defining a clear API for ...

Compiler Cafe:COBOL Cafe:Calling Java from Enterprise COBOL ...

The Java method can then store the reference to a static member.) When you get
to COBOL V6.1, you can call NewDirectByteBuffer directly from COBOL. (
Because the JNI copybook is updated.) So, theoretically, you don't need any C. I
would still consider a Java native method in that case so that the JVM ...

Rational:Rational DOORS DXL:how to call an existing JAVA/C api or ...

Hi all, I am now trying to integrate DOORS with my own application, and there are
two questions may need your support. 1.Is it possible to execute a console
command such as "dir" in DXL and parse the output of dir into DXL for later usage
? 2.If I have a set of existing java/c api, how to call these apis in DXL ...

Solve common problems with DB2 UDB Java stored procedures

Oct 27, 2005 ... Review the basic setup required to run Java stored procedures on DB2 UDB,
then examine common problems developers may experience in the course of ...
Local database alias = SAMPLE. D:\>db2 call INSERT_JAVASP('D'). Return
Status = 0. D:\>db2 "select * from CWYLAW.StoreData". C. ---. D.

Rational Cafe:EGL Cafe:EGL:Java call PLI - EGL Forum

Dec 27, 2010 ... See this link in the EGL helps and go to the set of bullets for Java calling C/C++.
doc/topics/gegl_core_calllinkelement-type_remotecall.html. NOTE again, the
called programs have to be built in a way that they are callable (DLL ...

Reuse existing C code with the Android NDK

Apr 12, 2011 ... In this tutorial you will create an image processing application in Java that uses C
code to perform basic image processing operations. ... When Java code calls a
native function, it maps the function name to an expanded, or decorated, function,
which is exported by the JNI shared library. Here is the ...

Java Native Interface (JNI) - z Systems Developer Community

Aug 23, 2016 ... This interface defines the infrastructure between Java and other languages, such
as C and C++, COBOL, PL/I and assembly. It is available on z/OS® for all ... With
the defined API, the native code can manipulate Java objects, call Java methods,
and share data with Java. Enterprise COBOL introduced the ...

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