Using and understanding Reader Names fields in IBM Lotus Notes ...

Jan 30, 2007 ... Take advantage of and implement the extremely useful IBM Lotus Notes and
Domino security feature, Reader Names fields. Learn how this ...

The ABC's of using the ACL

Apr 1, 1998 ... The users, groups, or roles specified in the Authors field(s) on a ... you can also
give Editors the ability to create LotusScript and Java agents.

All about AdminP Part 1

Jun 2, 2003 ... Each user may have entries in Author, Reader, and Name fields in ... Class has a
Read/Write property that you can use in a LotusScript agent.

Revealing the hidden secrets of "hide-when"

Sep 1, 2000 ... But in a rich text field, for example, hide-whens can be applied to .... The only way
to absolutely hide content in a Notes database is to set the Readers and Authors
.... Lotus Customer Support Technote #158231 reports:.

Securing a Lotus Domino Web server

Jul 19, 2005 ... For example, you can give a user author access to the Domino Directory, ... This
provides security for the field as opposed to hiding the field for ...

Some tips on improving search in Lotus Notes Client (Raj Patil)

Sep 22, 2012 ... I have been looking at "Search" within Lotus Notes lately. ... Here I have created a
form in my mailfile with fields which I most commonly search ...

JMP105 “How Stuff Works” - Domino Style!

15+ years working with IBM® Lotus® Domino® and Notes® and related products
..... You can read documents that you are listed in an “Author”'s field.

Taking your Domino applications to the Web

Jan 2, 2001 ... Do the forms contain LotusScript that must be replaced with JavaScript for ... If
that happens, make a copy of the form and remove fields, formulas, and .... By
default, Web agents run under the identity of the agent author (the ...

IBM Tivoli - Lotus Notes Agent

May 4, 2006 ... Author. 1. 1.0. Newly Created. This version does not contain the following: 1. ...
The IBM® Tivoli® Identity Manager Lotus Notes® Agent enables connectivity ....
Using Custom Notes field for ERUID for Reconciliation operation.

The hidden power of Profile documents

Dec 1, 1997 ... You need to have at least Author access in the access control list (ACL) of a ...
You can retrieve field values from an existing profile document using @
GetProfileField. ... Use LotusScript if you must delete a profile document.

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