Using and understanding Reader Names fields in IBM Lotus Notes ...

Jan 30, 2007 ... Take advantage of and implement the extremely useful IBM Lotus Notes and
Domino security feature, Reader Names fields. Learn how this feature affects
replication, agents, and views and how to troubleshoot two common problems
with Reader Names fields.

The ABC's of using the ACL

Apr 1, 1998 ... The users, groups, or roles specified in the Authors field(s) on a document are
considered "owners" of the document if they have been granted Author rights ... If
you don't allow Designers to create LotusScript or Java agents, they are restricted
from making any LotusScript or Java changes to the database.

All about AdminP Part 1

Jun 2, 2003 ... Part 1 of 2: This article examines the components of AdminP, how they work, and
how they can make the jobs of Domino administrators easier. The AdminP ...
Each user may have entries in Author, Reader, and Name fields in 100,000
documents in a single database. This means ... Via the Lotus Notes API

Revealing the hidden secrets of "hide-when"

Sep 1, 2000 ... The only way to absolutely hide content in a Notes database is to set the Readers
and Authors properties in the Security tab of the form's properties box, or add
Readers and Authors fields to the document itself. The purchase-order
application, for example, has a complex reader's field that restricts access to ...

JMP105 “How Stuff Works” - Domino Style!

2011 IBM Corporation. JMP105 “How Stuff Works” -. Domino Style! Jess Stratton.
| Independent Consultant | Solace. Susan Bulloch | Support SWAT Engineer |
IBM ..... AUTHOR. ─ You can create documents, but read only documents you've
created. ─ You can read documents that you are listed in an “Author”'s field.

Some tips on improving search in Lotus Notes Client (Raj Patil)

Sep 22, 2012 ... I have been looking at "Search" within Lotus Notes lately. Lots of ... Most users do
not realize the power that's hidden underneath the "More" option in the Notes's
Clients search bar. ... Here I have created a form in my mailfile with fields which I
most commonly search within (From, Subject, Message Body)

Securing a Lotus Domino Web server

Jul 19, 2005 ... Nowadays, Web security is as big a concern as ever -- so why not take
advantage of Lotus Domino's many security features to ensure that your Web
data is as safe and secure as ... Edit the documents in which there is an Authors
field in the document and in which the user is specified in the Authors field.

IBM Tivoli - Lotus Notes Agent

Definitive. Author: Sunil Rashinkar (Associate Technical Manager, Persistent
Systems. Pvt.Ltd., India, Pune) - Date: 05/04/2006 ...
Preface. The IBM® Tivoli® Identity Manager Lotus Notes® Agent enables
connectivity between the Tivoli ... Using “Custom Eruid” field for storing “User Id”
from ITIM.

Taking your Domino applications to the Web

Jan 2, 2001 ... If your application uses LotusScript primarily in the client for processing data as it
is entered and saved-to validate the contents of fields or to massage the data's ...
Pages require a lower level of access permission than forms-users with Reader
access can see pages, while forms require Author access.

All about AdminP Part 2

Jul 1, 2003 ... In the following diagram, you see that a request has been generated in the Notes
domain and then sentto the Lotus domain. .... Start executing at, Specify the time
of day when updates to Authors and Readers fields in a database and discovery
of shared and private design elements for a deleted person ...

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