MaaS360 and Android Enterprise Tool Set (IBM MaaS360)

Nov 7, 2017 ... Sometimes in our haste to get new instructional content out, we miss a very
important step, which is defining the features in such a way that you, the client,
can determine if they are right for your environment. Such is the case with the
Android enterprise tool set (formerly labeled Android For Work). So, this ...

IBM Maximo anywhere On Android 7

If you need to use Android 7 support, please upgrade to Anywhere 7.6.2. http:// Anywhere 7.6.1 is
not certified with Android 7. Below is a workaround install a MobileFirst 7.1 Studio
Fix and build .apk from the studio. Then you'll need to copy the ...

Zero-touch Enrollment For Android Devices (IBM MaaS360)

Sep 21, 2017 ... Today, Google announced a new feature for Android in the enterprise: zero-touch
enrollment. IBM MaaS360 is happy to announce our support for zero-touch
enrollment in partnership with Google. Our teams are working hard to ensure that
devices can be successfully deployed across enterprise ...

Communities category:IBM MaaS360:Android BETA : How to ...

MaaS360 Android Beta Program. Getting Started. Why you should be excited to
join the MaaS360 Android beta program: · Increases an administrator's ability to
support end user inquiries surrounding version upgrades. · Allows administrators
to see new feature/functionality before general release.

Adding the MobileFirst Foundation SDK to Android Applications ...

Jul 7, 2017 ... Overview. The IBM Mobile Foundation SDK consists of a collection of
dependencies that are available through Maven Central, and which you can add
to your Android Studio project. The dependencies correspond to core functions
and other functions: IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation - Implements ...

With MaaS360, is it possible to push Android system updates to end ...

We recently needed to update all our user's Android OS, many of the user's are
not timely in this respect or ignore the update altogether and keep pushing it off.
Is there a way to push these system updates from MaaS360 or is our solution to
just track down each user and manually install the update.

Android end-to-end demonstration - IBM Mobile Foundation ...

Dec 12, 2017 ... In a browser window, open the MobileFirst Operations Console by loading the
URL: http://your-server-host:server-port/mfpconsole . If running locally, use: http://
localhost:9080/mfpconsole. The username/password are admin/admin. Click the
New button next to Applications. Select the Android platform ...

Previewing your application on Android - IBM Mobile Foundation ...

Dec 2, 2015 ... OverviewPrerequisite: Make sure to read Previewing the web resources of your
application.This tutorial covers the following topics.Understanding the Android

Setting up the Android development environment - IBM Mobile ...

Nov 30, 2015 ... Overview. Prerequisite: If you intend to use IBM MobileFirst Platform Studio or CLI
to develop your application, first read the Setting up the MobileFirst development
environment tutorial. Before you can develop, deploy, and test your Android
applications, you must follow several steps to set up the Android ...

Developing for Android - IBM Mobile Foundation Developer Center

Feb 29, 2016 ... Foundation. All Tutorials · Setting up your development environment · Quick Start
· Hello World · Client-side development basics · Server-side development ·
Authentication and security · Advanced client-side development · Adding native
functionality · Notifications · Data · Advanced topics · Moving to ...

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