Understanding Android local data store APIs

Understanding Android local data store APIs. Take advantage of preferences,
SQLite, and the internal and external memory APIs. C. Enrique Ortiz Published
on November 30, 2010 ...

The free IBM Mobile Database for Android (The Mobile Frontier)

Apr 1, 2013 ... This blog post is contributed by Juarez Barbosa Junior, an IT Specialist working
for WW Development Support Team (DST) at IBM. IBM Mobile Database is a free
product for Android applications. It has many enterprise features that ease the
development of complex applications, making it possible to ...

Build an Android app using Cloudant NoSQL DB and Push ...

Feb 20, 2014 ... Build an Android application using the IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB service on IBM
Cloud. This multi-part series will gradually build, with each part introducing you to
new services. This tutorial includes a demo, sample code, and complete
instructions for creating the BlueList Android application. You can apply ...

Android のローカル・データ・ストア API を理解する

Android のローカル・データ・ストア API を理解する. プリファレンス、SQLite、内部
メモリー、外部メモリーを対象とした API を利用する. C. Enrique Ortiz 配信 2010年 11
月 30日 ...

Troubleshooting JSONtore - IBM Mobile Foundation Developer Center

Apr 3, 2017 ... Android >= 2.3 ARM v7/ARM v8/x86 emulator or device; iOS >= 6.0 simulator or
device (deprecated); Windows 8.1/10 ARM/x86/x64 simulator or device. Try to
turn off encryption by not passing a password to the init or open APIs. Look at the
SQLite database file that is generated by JSONStore. Encryption ...

Create a networked tic-tac-toe game for Android

Aug 23, 2011 ... It then executes an INSERT statement against the games table and gets back the
ID that was generated. From there it creates an XML document, adds the ID to a
game tag, and exports the XML. You need to run this script to get a game in the
database because the simple Android application does not have ...

Bluemix Android mobile app: connect to different database ...

In the Bluemix Android mobile app, Can we use any relational database than the
object oriented database MobileData like SQLiteDatabase etc? Can we connect
to the database outside bluemix like database in client's firewall. If yes, how? Has
anybody implemented this in project? Thanks for your input.

JSONStore - IBM Mobile Foundation Developer Center

Mar 6, 2017 ... JSONStore uses SQLCipher as its underlying database technology. SQLCipher
is a build of SQLite that is produced by Zetetic, LLC adds a layer of encryption to
the database. JSONStore uses SQLCipher on all platforms. On Android and iOS
a free, open source version of SQLCipher is available, known as ...

Android - Cloudant NoSQL DB API - IBM Mobile Foundation ...

Nov 9, 2016 ... This tutorial shows how to apply technology available in IBM MobileFirst Platform
Foundation to store data for Android mobile applications. By using Cloudant
NoSQL DB APIs, you can complete specific database operations, such as
creating, reading, updating, deleting, and synchronizing data between ...

Android アプリケーションのためのクールな Java 技術

2010年7月15日 ... ただし、ローカルの Android データベースを扱う上では、それらのパッケージは何も
役に立たないことがわかります。それらのパッケージの代わりに、 android.database
パッケージと android.database.sqlite パッケージを使う必要があります。リスト 5 は、
これらのパッケージのクラスを使ってデータの保管と取得を行う例を示してい ...

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