Tapping into Android's sensors

Jun 16, 2009 ... Android, a rich platform for application development, has an attractive set of user
interface elements and data-management capabilities. Android also offers a
healthy array of interfacing options. In this article, learn how to interact with
Android's varied sensor options to monitor your environment. Sample ...

Turn your smartphone into an IoT device

Nov 10, 2015 ... Learn how to turn your smartphone into a sensor device, send sensor data to IBM
Watson IoT Platform in the cloud, and create IBM Cloud applications that process
and visualize the data. You create an Android app and two IBM Cloud apps that
use the Internet of Things and Node-RED services.

Turn your smartphone into a sensor and an actuator

Sep 29, 2016 ... You will use the IoT Starter Mobile app to both read and send sensor data that
comes from your smartphone and also to transform your smartphone to be an
actuator that can receive and run commands. This application has been
developed with native languages on both iOS and Android platforms.

Build a motion sensor android camera with Arduino UNO, PIR ...

Jul 15, 2015 ... The solution comprises of a PIR sensor which detects any motion when birds
land on the feeder, sends a push notification to an android app to activate the
phone's camera shutter and click an image of the bird. The photograph of the bird
is stored in the same phone. We could however enhance the app ...

bluemix IOT - is there a sample nodered flow to read android sensors

I would like to read acceleration / light/ magnetic field sensor data from android

Connect a Texas Instruments SensorTag to Watson IoT Platform in 3 ...

Aug 27, 2016 ... The Watson IoT Recipe helps you to connect & integrate CC2650 SimpleLink™
Bluetooth® Smart BLE SensorTag with Watson IoT Platform in under 3 minutes ,
as it takes you through the step by step process of leveraging the iOS or Android
device with support for Bluetooth Smart (BLE) to connect to the ...

Android のセンサーを活用する

2009年6月16日 ... この記事では、Android が持つさまざまなセンサーとのインターフェースを利用して、
環境をモニタリングする方法を学びます。 ... onSensorChanged(int sensor,float
values[]) メソッドはセンサーの値が変更されるごとに呼び出されますが、呼び出されるの
はそのセンサーをこのアプリケーションがモニタリングしている場合のみです ...

Displaying data sensor information using Internet of Things Platform ...

Please help me. I am creating applications using Arduino on the Internet of
Things Platform to display multiple sensor data. How do I display data sensor
information from Arduino using Internet of Things Platform on Bluemix to an
Android device? Can you give me the steps for the solution?

Location services in native Android applications - IBM Mobile ...

Nov 9, 2016 ... The application code on the mobile device, in the form of an acquisition policy,
controls the collection of data from device sensors. The collected data is referred
to as the device context. When a change occurs in the device context, such as a
change in the geolocation of the device or the fact that it entered a ...

How MQTT is helping drive the Internet of Things (The Mobile Frontier)

Apr 15, 2015 ... (By the way, there is also an Android sensor app from IBM you could use to get
data like an accelerometer.) I decided to use one of our Nest thermostats as a
sensor, hoping for the easiest route, with less coding. After browsing GitHub, I
found a simple Node.js project that allowed me to pull data from Nest ...

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