Introduction to Android development

May 12, 2009 ... However, Android's full range of computing services and rich functional support
have the potential to extend beyond the mobile-phone market. Android can be
useful for other platforms and applications. In this article, get an introduction to
the Android platform and learn how to code a basic Android ...

Introduction to Android development Using Eclipse and Android ...

Nov 16, 2010 ... This tutorial is intended for anyone interested in beginning Android development
on Eclipse using the Android development tools plug-in. It offers insight into the
salient features of an Android app, along with a brief explanation of its basic
components. The Android process is introduced for developing rich ...

Introduction to Facebook APIs

Dec 14, 2010 ... You can incorporate Facebook functionality into your own applications. From the
mobile perspective, the Facebook Platform supports APIs for mobile web
applications, and mobile SDKs for native mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad
, and Android platforms. In this article, explore the Facebook Platform ...

Mobile for the masses: A gentle introduction to Android

Mar 5, 2013 ... The mobile landscape is rich with promise, and Android is a viable and exciting
platform for developers who seek a way in. This new series starts with an
introduction to Android that is tailored specifically for Java developers just getting
started with mobile. Learn about Android's three-layer versioning ...

Tapping into Android's sensors

Jun 16, 2009 ... Introduction; Android sensor capabilities; Sensor example; Using the
MediaRecorder; Android as a sensor platform; Summary; Downloadable
resources; Related topics; Comments ...

Working with XML on Android

Jun 23, 2009 ... Introduction; Getting started; XML on Android; XML parsers; Android news reader
; Using SAX; Easier SAX parsing; Working with DOM; The XML pull parser;
Creating XML; Summary; Downloadable resources; Related topics; Comments ...

Develop Android applications with Eclipse

Feb 26, 2008 ... You can take advantage of the powerful Eclipse environment to build Android
applications using the Android Eclipse plug-in. This tutorial introduces Android
application development with the Eclipse plug-in, otherwise known as Android
Development Tools. The tutorial provides an introduction to Android ...

Android applications using Python and SL4A, Part 1: Set up your ...

Dec 19, 2011 ... This series of articles explores how to use Python and Scripting Layer for Android
(SL4A) to build applications for the Google Android platform. This article, the first
in the series, shows what you need to do to get everything installed and running.

Using Internet data in Android applications

Jun 29, 2010 ... Introduction; The Day Trader application; Serving stock data; Working with data
formats; Parsing XML with SAX; Using JSON; Going binary with protocol buffers;
Performance comparison; Conclusion; Downloadable resources; Related topics;
Comments ...

Build a DB2 for z/OS mobile application using IBM MobileFirst

Sep 21, 2015 ... Introduction. Mobile is a pervasive tool that most people keep within reach most
of the time, even while sleeping. We use our phones to browse from ... Server-
side development; Using server-side result; Building, deploying, testing, and
using IBM MobileFirst console; Running an Android emulator (optional) ...

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