Develop Android applications with Eclipse

Feb 26, 2008 ... This tutorial introduces Android application development with the Eclipse plug-in,
otherwise known as Android Development Tools. The tutorial ... use by Android
activities. — This file is automatically generated by Android Developer
Tools and "connects" the visual resources to the Java source code.

Event Source Notifications in Native Android Applications - IBM ...

Nov 28, 2017 ... OverviewPrerequisite: Make sure that you read the Push notifications in native
Android applications tutorial first.Event source notifications are ... To create an
event source, you declare a notification event source in the adapter JavaScript
code at a global level (outside any JavaScript function):. WL.Server.

Tapping into Android's sensors

Jun 16, 2009 ... Sensor example. The sample application simply monitors changes to the
orientation and accelerometer sensors (see Download for the source code).
When changes are received, the sensor values are displayed on the screen in
TextView widgets. Figure 1 shows the application in action.

Turn your smartphone into an IoT device

Nov 10, 2015 ... This tutorial shows how you can send sensor data that is generated by your
smartphone to the IBM Watson IoT Platform cloud-hosted service, and then
create Cloud Foundry apps on the IBM Cloud that ... The source code and
documentation of the app are in the iot-starter-for-android GitHub project.

Working with XML on Android

Jun 23, 2009 ... Android news reader. The application will take an RSS feed from the popular
Android developer site Androidster and parse it into a list of simple Java objects
that you can use to back an Android ListView (see Downloads for the source
code). This is classic polymorphic behavior — different implementations ...

Using XML and JSON with Android, Part 1: Explore the benefits of ...

Jul 20, 2010 ... Explore the benefits of JSON and XML in Android applications ... The source of
the data for the example application is a status-update feed for a Twitter account.
... I suggest you have the Android SDK version 1.5 or later installed along with
Eclipse to run the example code that accompanies this article.

Networking with Android

Jun 9, 2009 ... Simple networking example. To demonstrate just how easy it is to connect
Android to a network, the example will show how to pull text from a Web page.
Download the source code for the example. Figure 1 demonstrates the
application in action.

Reuse existing C code with the Android NDK

Apr 12, 2011 ... This application is a mix of SDK-based Java code and NDK-compiled C code.
The tutorial moves on to introduce the Java Native Interface (JNI), which is the
technology of interest when working with the NDK. A look ahead to the completed
project's source files provides a roadmap for the application ...

Watson IoT for Automotive Starter Application Blog - Watson IoT for ...

Dec 16, 2017 ... Recently we released source code of a sample mobile application that bridges
between an ELM 327 OBD2 Scan Tool and IBM IoT for Automotive service. There
is an Android version and an iOS version of the mobile app. By using the mobile
app, the fleet management starter application that we released ...

How to Read the OBD2 Mobile Application Source Code of IBM IoT ...

Dec 24, 2016 ... I'd like to provide a quick guidance on how to read the OBD2 mobile apps, an
Android version and an iOS version, as a part of IBM IoT for Automotive Starter
Fleet Management application for those who are interested more in
understanding the source code of the apps. These mobile apps are not really big.

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