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Using The findAll() Function Most SPSS Modeler scripts include code that locates
an existing node e.g.: stream = typenode = stream.
findByType("type", None) However, some... Continue reading Searching For
Nodes Using SPSS Modeler Scripting ...

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The core principle of IBM SPSS Modeler has long been being able to do complex
data analysis and sophisticated model building all without programming....
Continue reading Modeler Python scripting – bringing a whole different level of
customization to your Modeler streams ...

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The Chinese version of SPSS Statistics Big Data University training is now
available. We are launching our free training about statistical analysis technology
and in... Continue reading Learn SPSS Statistics at the Big Data University in
Chinese Edition ...

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Apr 23, 2015 ... The Programmability Extension (referred to as programmability) was introduced
in SPSS 14 with major new features added in SPSS 15, SPSS 16, and SPSS
Statistics 17. A number of presentations, by Jon K. Peck, document the
development of the technology and provide an introduction to many of the key ...

The Two Programmability Modes - SPSS Predictive Analytics

Apr 6, 2015 ... Programmability allows for two modes of operation. You can run programs from
within IBM SPSS Statistics or you can run programs that drive IBM SPSS
Statistics from an external process. This article provides an overview of these
features. 2programmability · Download PDF ...

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Programmability Vs Traditional Syntax in IBM SPSS Statistics: Counting Number
of Distinct Values in a Case. by JonPeck on Mar 09, 2011 in Programmability,
SPSS Statistics. Recently this problem was posed on the SPSSX-L listserv (
linked on the SPSS Community site): Count the number of distinct values in a set

Updated docs on programmability in SPSS Statistics - SPSS ...

Mar 30, 2016 ... ... modeler network predictive analytics predictiveextensions predictive
extensions programmability python Python-programability r rstats scripting small-
multiples Spark spss spss modeler SPSS Statistics SPSS Support stackexchange
statistics Subscription support visualization Webinar World of Watson ...

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R is one of the most popular tools for data science and predictive analytics,
however it can be difficult to use for non-programmers. This... Continue reading
How to get started with SPSS Modeler and R · Converting R to IBM SPSS
Modeler. by Armand Ruiz on April 27, 2015 in Programmability, SPSS Modeler.

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Translating IBM SPSS Statistics Python Extension Commands. by JonPeck on
Jan 26, 2010 in Extensions, Programmability, SPSS Statistics. The Python
language includes a general mechanism facilitating translation of text in Python
code. The newest version of, the module that facilitates creating

What's New with Programmability and Scripting

Business Analytics software. IBM SPSS Statistics. IBM ® SPSS ® Statistics has
an extensive command language (syntax) for data acquisition, manipulation, and
statistical and graphical procedures; Programmability and scripting dramatically
extend these built-in capabilities; Allow custom user interfaces and output

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