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Using an Agile approach to scope software projects

Jun 22, 2017 ... This tutorial explores the virtues of adopting an Agile methodology to govern the
project scoping process so that it fully determines project ...

Agility@Scale: Strategies for Scaling Agile Software Development

Jan 9, 2015 ... To scale agile successfully you must be able to tailor your approach to reflect the
context that you face. To do this you must understand what ...

Being Agile Blog

This blog is for anyone who understands how to apply agile to software
development but may find his or her team falling back into old habits when the
going gets ...

Agile development with Jazz and RTC

Agile Development with Jazz and Rational Team Concert. Mayank Parikh
mayank.parikh.@in.ibm.com. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Khurram Nizami for

Top Ten Agile Database Techniques (DevOps Community)

Apr 18, 2017 ... While agile database development and management continues to gain
popularity, some DBAs are still hesitant to adopt the agile method in ...

Continuous integration in agile development

Aug 14, 2012 ... For a decade or more, software teams have benefited from agile development
methods. They have adopted these iterative and incremental ...

Agile Throughput Metrics - Being Agile Blog

Jan 5, 2017 ... Agile offers so many benefits but one of the most irresistible is the promise of
higher productivity. Once you become more productive, how do ...

Enterprise Scaled Agile Overview.pdf

Overview of Enterprise Scaled Agile methodology, the SAFe framework and
IBM's tooling support in the Continuous. Engineering solution. Amy Silberbauer.

Introduction to the Agile Scaling Model (Agility@Scale: Strategies for ...

Nov 25, 2009 ... The Agile Scaling Model (ASM) is a contextual framework for effective adoption
and tailoring of agile practices to meet the unique challenges ...

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