Introduction to text manipulation on UNIX-based systems

Mar 14, 2012 ... The cat command is one of the most basic commands. ... The control-d signals an
end-of-file, returning control to the shell. ... a regular expression pattern, in this
case, lines starting with the letters 'a' ... Example of grep – include line numbers:
... Earlier the nl command was used to add line numbers to a file ...

Common threads: Sed by example, Part 2

Oct 1, 2000 ... Let's look at one of sed's most useful commands, the substitution command. ...
This is a good first attempt at a sed script that will remove HTML tags from a file,
but it .... Now, we will define regions by inserting backslashed parentheses ... a
line beginning with the letters "END", or the end of file if "END" is not ...

vi tips and tricks: Ten cool commands sure to impress your friends

Jul 27, 2010 ... Insert mode puts anything you type into the current file in your vi ... and end line
numbers that you'll use in the appropriate vi command. ... You can also turn
indentation on and set the indentation level in one ... For example, to search for
the word echo in a file, enter command .... !awk '{print "New text",$0}' ...

Search patterns in files using Linux grep command (Real world Linux)

Nov 23, 2012 ... In this article, we will understand the usage of Linux grep command through
practical examples. SYNTAX ... Add a related tag to further refine your search ...
This command can be used to search a pattern in one or more files directly from
the command line. ... Match the empty string at the beginning of word.

Learn Linux, 101: Search text files using regular expressions

Feb 3, 2010 ... The grep (for generalized regular expression processor) is a standard .... text1 #
a followed by two other letters ... So ^..b matches any two characters at the
beginning of a line ... Character classes are one area where regular expressions
and ... If you add the -n option, it tells you what line numbers matched.

Learn 10 more good UNIX usage habits

May 27, 2008 ... Become a UNIX command-line wizard ... Use the curl command-line utility. ...
multiple files satisfy your request and you need to add text to select one of the
files, ... When you click Tab once, Bash completes file; clicking Tab one more time
.... Find lines that start with a "." and 2 lowercase letters. $ grep '^\.

Learn Linux, 101: Text streams and filters

Aug 26, 2009 ... By the end of this tutorial, you will be manipulating text like an expert. ...
Manipulating text at the command line using GNU textutils ... Although either the
input or the output can come from a file, in the Linux and UNIX environments,
filtering is most ..... There are many handy sed one-liners such as Listing 22.

Linux sort command - Sort lines of text files (Real world Linux)

Dec 7, 2012 ... While going through an article on Linux text processing commands, ... page of
sort command: NAME sort - sort lines of text files SYNOPSIS sort [OPTION]. ...
Even the words beginning with same alphabet were sorted ... If more that one file
is provided as input, the sort command produces ... Add a Comment.

UNIX tips and tricks for a new user, Part 2: The vi text editor

Nov 7, 2006 ... The vi text editor separates operations into insert mode and command ... Any time
a capital letter is referenced for a command, you should use the Shift ... to other
locations in the file, but then bring it back to the end of line one.

The right way to read files with PHP

Feb 13, 2007 ... And discover functions that process entire files in one or two lines of code. ... that
you'll deal with, you can add an argument to fgets to limit the maximum line
length. .... The above example jumps back to the beginning of a file.

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