Dynamic Page Loading for PhoneGap (Web 2.0 and Mobile ...

Nov 14, 2011 ... Introduction Mobile PhoneGap applications vary in complexity and size from
simple, one-screen applications to large, multi-screen apps. To simplify
development of applications that have more than one screen, JavaScript
frameworks such as Dojo, jQuery or jQTouch can be used. They provide a way to

Upload a Picture using PhoneGap on Android (Web 2.0 and Mobile ...

Oct 10, 2011 ... Introduction Nearly every mobile device available today has a camera. Given
their easy use and instant availability, cameras are increasingly being used to
share photos with friends and family, document activities and even deposit
checks. Paramount to sharing or saving photos is uploading the photo to a ...

Build native mobile applications with Jo and PhoneGap

Mar 1, 2011 ... This article focuses on developing native mobile applications by applying the
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language skills you already have to two frameworks:
a new framework called Jo, and an open source framework called PhoneGap
that lets you access native features on some of the most popular ...

Mobile application development, Part 1: PhoneGap and Dojo Mobile ...

Sep 13, 2011 ... Learn how to use Eclipse and PhoneGap to create a mobile hybrid application
using only HTML and JavaScript. You'll also use Mobile Dojo to give the
application that native feel. In this article, learn how to combine PhoneGap and
Mobile Dojo to rapidly create a hybrid mobile application for Android that ...

Writing a Hybrid Mobile Application with PhoneGap and the Dojo

Jul 7, 2011 ... Applications must be efficient to update, must look like native mobile apps, and
should leverage familiar technologies. In this article, web designers learn how to
design hybrid mobile and web-based applications with PhoneGap and the Dojo
Toolkit, using HTML, CSS and javascript technologies.


Comment: Hi All, I am a newbie to dojo and I am developing a mobile application
using PhoneGap and dojo. I tried creating a sample webpage using the dojox.
mobile and it worked fine in browser. But when I. accessing photos in a phones
photo gallery. SystemAdmin110000D4XK; Nov 17, 2011; 5 comments. Forums ...

Apache Cordova and IBM Worklight: A partnership for building ...

Oct 16, 2013 ... Are you trying to understand the difference between Apache Cordova and
PhoneGap? Or perhaps you wonder where you can get started with IBM
Worklight? In this blog post I hope to help answer these questions. What's the
difference between Cordova and PhoneGap? Apache Cordova is an open ...

Build Bluelist-Cordova using PhoneGap Build? - dWAnswers

Hi all, This might be slightly off-topic, but I think the answer might be important to
Adobe PhoneGap users. Has anyone else tried to build the example Bluelist/
mobiledata cordova app: Link ....using phonegap build? I have added my
application ID, endpoint and secret into the www/bluelist.json file, included ...

Maqetta means mockup, Part 3: Deploy your Maqetta UI prototype ...

Jun 6, 2013 ... Working in your browser with Maqetta, you were able to build a believable
prototype without writing any code, then augment its features and flow with
custom JavaScript. Now it's time to combine Maqetta with PhoneGap in order to
create and deploy a new mobile UI prototype onto actual devices.

Extend EGL cordova library (EGL Blog)

Sep 20, 2016 ... In this article, we will take barcode scanner as an example to demonstrate how to
extend EGL cordova library. We will utilize the cordova plugin: phonegap-plugin-
barcodescanner ( https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-
barcodescanner ) for this feature. Create extended library project The default ...

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