Develop lightweight mobile web applications with Dojo Mobile

Nov 18, 2011 ... Dojo Mobile is a Dojo-based widget set for creating mobile web applications.
With Dojo Mobile, you can develop lightweight, high-performance mobile web
applications. In this article, learn how Dojo Mobile addresses the performance
issues, and how you can optimize Dojo Mobile-based user applications ...

Running Dojo-based sample - IBM Mobile Foundation Developer ...

Oct 26, 2016 ... General information. About this task. The Dojo Showcase is a hybrid mobile
application designed for several mobile devices.It features various Dojo mobile
widgets and illustrates their function in web and hybrid applications for mobile
platforms.The Dojo Showcase works in two modes: Single-column: for ...

UI Creation by Dojo Mobile

IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile
application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all
sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native
applications leveraging standards-based technologies and tools, the platform
ships with a ...

Get started with Dojo Mobile 1.6

Jun 17, 2011 ... Learn about Dojo Mobile, the mobile web development framework that's an
extension of the Dojo toolkit. Using a practical example, learn how to include and
use Dojo Mobile widgets and components in your applications. You'll see how to
wrap your web application in a native application using PhoneGap.

Mobile application development, Part 1: PhoneGap and Dojo Mobile ...

Sep 13, 2011 ... In this series, you'll start out by creating a simple, mobile application, and end by
consuming web services from your Android device. Learn how to use Eclipse and
PhoneGap to create a mobile hybrid application using only HTML and JavaScript
. You'll also use Mobile Dojo to give the application that native ...

Build a graphical KPI dashboard app with Dojo Mobile

Apr 20, 2015 ... Dojo Mobile can greatly reduce your mobile development time while creating
intuitive, rich visuals that scale well across the more popular mobile devices. In
this tutorial, learn how to use Dojo Mobile's charting and gauging libraries to
deliver your organization's key performance indicators to business users ...

Get started with Dojo Mobile 1.7

Aug 23, 2011 ... Learn about Dojo Mobile 1.7, the latest version of the mobile web development
framework that's an extension of the Dojo toolkit. See how to download Dojo 1.7
from trunk and how to use Dojo Mobile in your applications. Explore the various
widgets and components it offers, and learn how to wrap your web ...

What's new in Dojo Mobile 1.8, Part 1: New widgets

Nov 19, 2012 ... Dojo Mobile ( is a Dojo Toolkit package for creating lightweight
mobile web applications. Dojo 1.8, released in August 2012, includes many new
Dojo Mobile widgets, widget enhancements, and other new capabilities. This
article is the first in a three-part series that explores many of those new ...

Developing with the EGL Dojo mobile widgets (EGL Blog)

Sep 18, 2013 ... The EGL Dojo mobile widget library represents a set of commonly used Dojox/
mobile widgets that extend the Rich UI widget library. These widgets are
available on the palette in the EGL Rich UI editor and can be used with the EGL
Rich UI widgets or your own custom widgets. The Dojo Toolkit is an open ...

Pull down to refresh with Dojo Mobile

Nov 13, 2012 ... Learn how to use Dojo Mobile 1.8 to implement the popular pull-down-to-refresh
feature in your mobile web applications. This article show you how to build two
sample applications: a pull-down-to-refresh app and a pull-down-to-go-back
variant. Full downloadable source code is provided. After working ...

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