On demand provisioning of portal servers in a clustered environment, Part 5, Run the solution

And migrate the automation package to Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator V3.1

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Bob DeLima and Ron Doyle

Date archived: March 21, 2017 | First published: March 07, 2006

This series focuses on how the Advanced Design and Technology team uses IBM Tivoli® automation products for rapid deployment of replicated and clustered portal servers. This tutorial, which is the final installment in the series, explains how to use the Portal Provisioning Automation Package and run the team's solution. It covers how to assign server roles, staging strategies for portal servers, using Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator (Intelligent Orchestrator) to add or remove servers from the portal cluster, and migrating the automation package to Intelligent Orchestrator V3.1. Finally, you'll leave with a few thoughts about how to use the workflows to automate the deployment of other software components.

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ArticleTitle=On demand provisioning of portal servers in a clustered environment, Part 5: Run the solution