Tivoli Storage Management solutions enable companies to ensure that they are prepared for unforeseen disasters, maximize the utilization of storage assets, and proactively anticipate and manage the growth of company data.

Articles, tutorials, and downloads

Beyond backup toward storage management
The original design points of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager in research have been expanded to provide a comprehensive set of functions that not only facilitate backup but also support content managers and deep storage applications. The design points and functions are described in this paper. (Research note)

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager - back-ups
This tip will define and help you to understand the terms: LAN/WAN backup; server-free backup; LAN-free backup; and split-mirror backup. (Hints and tips)

Recent Redbooks and Redpapers

Disaster recovery strategies with Tivoli Storage Management
This IBM Redbook will help you protect against a disaster - taking you step by step through the planning stages, with templates for sample documents. (Redbook)

IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager: A Practical Introduction
The new product IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager helps you discover, monitor, and create enterprise policies for your file systems and databases. You will find out where all your storage is going, and be able to act intelligently on this information. (Redbook)

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager: A Technical Introduction
This paper gives a high-level technical introduction to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, providing an overview of its architecture, the base concepts, the interfaces, supported environments, and shows IBM Tivoli Storage Manager's interaction with other IBM Tivoli Storage Management products. (Redpaper)