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Tivoli RFE Community

IBM Tivoli Monitoring / Plan item 22291

Created on:   29 May 2012

Last update:   12 Jul 2012

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Implement loose coupling integration of Monitoring data via the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) standard

Status: Implementing

Priority: High



IBM Tivoli Monitoring delivers an Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration Performance Monitoring (OSLC-PM) service provider. The service provider for IBM Tivoli Monitoring registers monitoring resources with the Registry Services component of Jazz for Service Management. Registry Services serves as the Yellow Pages for your IT resources and the service providers that registered those resources. It also reconciles IT resources owned by multiple service providers.

The service provider for IBM Tivoli Monitoring registers resources types such as Computer System, Software Server, Software Module and Service Instance on behalf of monitoring agents. These resources types are defined using the Common Resource Type Vocabulary (CRTV). Agents provide a template that maps their monitoring data to CRTV resources. The template is installed with the agent's monitoring server application support.

The service provider also supports the OSLC-PM RESTful API for retrieving linked data about monitored resources. It accommodates the RDF/XML and HTML content types. When HTML content is requested, the API returns resource metrics defined by the OSLC-PM domain.

The new Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Automation Server component contains the service provider and is installed on the same systems as your Hub Tivoli Monitoring Enterprise Servers.

For more information on linked data and OSLC open specifications, see the Loosely coupled integration topics by the Integrated Service Management work group at ISM Connect.

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