The IBM Tivoli Provisioning and Orchestration portfolio of applications distributes software reliably and securely and manages the configuration of physical and virtual servers, desktops and notebooks, storage and network devices. It supports the creation and operation of automated workflows to perform these functions on systems and applicatons in a repeatable and dependable manner.


In today's dynamic marketplace, new on demand technologies are required. Ever expanding, distributed islands of processing power need to be tapped to improve resiliency and responsiveness to a demand curve that can spike with only so much warning as an unexpected news release. In today's economic times, you can not afford to maintain server capacity for just-in-case situations. IBM Tivoli Provisioning solutions help you deal with these challenges.

Pre-built automation packages provide control and configuration of major vendors' products, while customized workflows can implement your company's best practices and procedures. Additional automation workflows can be obtained from the IBM Tivoli Open Process Automation Library (OPAL), an on-line repository where customers, business partners and ISVs publish and share best practices for automation. These workflows can automate your unique data center processes including installing, configuring and deploying servers, operating systems, middleware, applications and network devices. Software patches and upgrades can be applied as required to improve security and availability.

This solution:

IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
Enables you to rapidly and efficiently deploy complex mission-critical applications to multiple locations from a central point.

IBM Tivoli License Manager
Enables businesses to ensure compliance and reduce cost through advanced inventory and reporting capabilities

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express for Inventory
Helps your small or midsize organization efficiently and cost-effectively automate inventory and asset management

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express for Software Distribution
Helps you identify non-compliant users and quickly deploy critical software updates to reduce end-user downtime

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment
Provides an easy-to-use console for remote deployment and management of operating systems

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software
Automate the deployment of software to servers, desktops and laptops distributed across different environments and locations

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager
provisions and configures servers, operating systems, middleware, applications, and network devices

IBM Tivoli Remote Control
Gives IT departments quick, secure and reliable control over the critical resources they manage

IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator
Automatically trigger the provisioning, configuration and deployment of a solution into production

Articles, tutorials, and downloads

A technical discussion of software license management
A technical overview of Tivoli License Manager and a description of how this Web-based enterprise architecture meets today's wide-ranging business requirements for software license management and asset tracking. [.pdf] (white paper)

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Recent Redbooks and Redpapers

Implementing IBM Tivoli Remote Control Across Firewalls
The primary objective of this IBM Redbook is to provide concepts, recommendations, and techniques when planning and implementing IBM Tivoli Remote Control 3.8 in an environment that involves firewalls. (Redbook)

Implementing IBM Tivoli Remote Control in Small to Midsized Enviroments
This Redpaper demonstrates the technical attractiveness, ease-of-deployment, fast time-to-market, and fundamental integration with Tivoli infrastructure of IBM Tivoli Remote Control. (Redpaper)

PDA Management with IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
This IBM Redbook describes in detail the steps required to install and configure the Tivoli Web Gateway and all the prerequisite products, to allow a successful implementation of a pervasive device management environment. (Redbook)

Automated Distribution and Self-Healing with IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
How to use load balancing and clustering to ensure high availability and scalability for the Access Manager Policy Server. (Redbook)

End-to-End Scheduling with Tivoli Workload Scheduler 8.1
This redbook considers how best to provide end-to-end scheduling using Tivoli Workload Scheduling 8.1, both distributed and mainframe components. (Redbook)