Tivoli Access Manager and Rational AppScan

Application security from development to production

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Philip Nye and Trevor Norvill

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: February 03, 2009

Managing security is a critical part of building and maintaining a modern IT infrastructure. IBM offers several complementary offerings in Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance to help clients manage the security of their complex IT environments. IBM® Tivoli® Access Manager for e-Business is a market leading software solution in IBM's Identity and Access Management portfolio for managing enterprise Web-based authentication, authorization and single sign-on. IBM now offers a market leading Web application security scanner software offering called IBM Rational® AppScan®. This article compares and contrasts the two offerings as they relate to IBM's security operations strategy and examine what security benefits each brings to the enterprise environment. A number of scenarios are presented to highlight the roles of each of the software solutions and how they complement each other's capabilities.

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