Request-based role assignment in Tivoli Identity Manager

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

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Chris Choi and Trevor Norvill

Date archived: December 13, 2016 | First published: July 08, 2008

In version 5.0, IBM® Tivoli® Identity Manager (ITIM) introduces several new features to enhance its request-based provisioning model. Request-based provisioning allows users to request access to enterprise resources via a self-service interface. To better abstract the user from the details of the IT systems, ITIM 5.0 allows a user to request a role assignment. This greatly increases the flexibility of the request-based provisioning model,because a role can be associated with multiple entitlements. This article discusses a number of use cases for the request-based role assignment and demonstrate how these use cases can be realized via ITIM.

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ArticleTitle=Request-based role assignment in Tivoli Identity Manager