Managing OpenID trusted sites with Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Writing your own trusted sites manager

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Shane Weeden and Eduardo Solis

Date archived: December 13, 2016 | First published: October 15, 2008

IBM® Tivoli® Federated Identity Manager 6.2 (TFIM) introduces support for OpenID 1.1 and 2.0 authentication protocols. When configured in the role of an OpenID Provider (Identity Provider), TFIM allows end users to record choices about authenticating to trusted relying-party sites. For example a user may select "Allow authentication forever" to a particular relying-party, and may select which attributes they are willing to share with that site. By default TFIM stores these choices in persistent cookies on the user's browser. The cookie technique is effective, but not portable for users across different browsers. This article will demonstrate how to write your own plug-in for the storage and retrieval of user choices (for example to a database) via the TFIM TrustedSitesManager extension point.

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ArticleTitle=Managing OpenID trusted sites with Tivoli Federated Identity Manager