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Service Management Connect

Connect, learn, and share with the service management experts on Service Management Connect. Find answers to your questions about Tivoli products, and make a difference in the future of Tivoli projects with transparent development. View the release plans for development projects, download open betas, and provide your feedback to make an impact on development.

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RFE Community

In November 2010, Tivoli started its migration to the RFE community for requirements. With this community, you can enter and track Requests for Enhancements (RFEs) through a web-based interface. You can also vote, prioritize, and indicate "me too" to requirements. We are pleased to announce that all Tivoli products are now live on the RFE community. Use the RFE community to submit and monitor requirements. You will need a developerWorks ID to access the portal.

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Tivoli User Community

The Tivoli User Community (TUC) is the largest online and offline organization of Tivoli professionals in the world. It is home to over 170 local User Communities and virtual/global groups from 29 countries, with more than 26,000 members. The TUC offers user group pages for the planning and promotion of meetings as well as tools for the groups to collaborate throughout the year with blogs, forums and group wikis.

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Integrated Service Management Library (ISM Library)

Community of solution integrations provided by IBM, Business Partners and solution experts that integrate or extend IBM solutions in Asset Management, Service Management, Cloud Infrastructure, Mobile Management, Security and Storage Management to give customers, Business Partners and field teams the solution integrations needed for successful deployments.

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