IBM Tivoli monitoring solutions collect operational data across the entire organization, enabling companies to monitor system performance, across heterogeneous environments, from a single console."

Are you managing your IT resources in a way that directly supports your company's key business objectives? In today's economy you need a way to deliver IT services consistently and efficiently as a core part of your business. The IBM Tivoli Business Service Management solution enables you to align IT operations to business priorities consistent with the best practices defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). By providing IT operations with an understanding of their impact on key business systems and processes, the IBM Tivoli Business Service Management solution can dramatically enhance IT Operations' ability to support, drive and achieve business results.

The Tivoli products included in this solution enable Availability Management and Service Level Management, allowing you to manage business services with automated real-time, historical and predictive analyses. This flexibility gives you the power to align daily operations management with business priorities, set and meet service level commitments, implement predictive management capabilities across your e-business infrastructure, and generate reports to keep everyone informed including your executives and the business units that use the services you deliver.

Business Performance Management - Unites business process management with IT management to allow business leaders to manage in real-time, historical, and predictive contexts in order to improve responsiveness to market opportunities, competitive actions, and regulatory changes.


IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager

Enables Availability Management of business systems from a single console. This product links resource availability at a business level with Incident Management data so that Change Management actions can be prioritized based on the impact to the business.

IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager for z/OS

Enables Availability Management of groups of applications - across z/OS, OS/390 and distributed systems - that enable critical business functions.

IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console

Correlates e-business, system and network data, to quickly identify the root cause of business performance issues.

IBM Tivoli NetView

Proactively manages network resources.

IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS

Provides a simple yet comprehensive platform for maintaining complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform networks and systems from a single point of control.

IBM Tivoli NetView Performance Monitor

Optimizes the use of mainframe system resources and predicts a project's capacity planning requirements.

IBM Tivoli Performance Modeler for z/OS

Optimizes the use of mainframe system resources and predicts a project's capacity planning requirements.

IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor

Enables Service Level Management so that you can align your service delivery with the needs of your customers. This product simplifies the process of defining service level objectives, and automates the process of evaluating service level agreements. It enables you to proactively manage and report service level performance.

IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer

Enables network administrators to identify whether a network failure is the root cause of a problem.

IBM Tivoli Web Access for Information Management

Provides Web access for the helpdesk, developer, manager, and end user. Besides problems and changes it can be used to build HTML Web browser interfaces for any record type utilizing the power of the OS/390 server with a Web browser while requiring only common industry standard skills.

IBM Tivoli Web Site Analyzer

Captures, analyzes, stores and reports on Web site usage, health, integrity and site content.

Tivoli NetView Access Services

Acts as a mediator between a mainframe user and multiple applications sessions that are assigned to the user.

Tivoli NetView Distribution Manager

Provides the centralized management capabilities needed by large customers utilizing the S/390 as the primary management system.

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