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The IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management solution helps you increase the performance and availability of business-critical applications, including portal and SOA-based technologies. Proactive, real-time problem resolution is uniquely performed utilizing a portal-based end-to-end view of services, transactions and associated resources across platforms and subsystems, and launch in context between transactions and resources. The Tivoli solution can reduce IT lifecycle costs across operations, support and development by directly linking operations and development.

Today's business processes often depend on a number of complex applications. These composite applications use business logic and data that span Web servers, J2EE application servers, integration middleware and mainframe systems. Although most businesses have traditional monitoring tools to manage individual resources at a high level, many lack an integrated solution to automatically monitor, analyze and resolve problems at the service, transaction, application and resource levels. As a result, operations and development may take a long time to identify, isolate and fix composite application problems. View the META analyst report for additional information on composite application management challenges.

The IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management solution helps you quickly isolate, diagnose and fix business-critical application performance problems. When an incident occurs, the Tivoli solution helps the IT staff quickly resolve it by facilitating the information flow between the Operations, Development and Support groups. A powerful visualization of problem information is available using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, along with customizable views of performance metrics. View the buyer's guide for in-depth checklists to help evaluate application management solutions.

The Tivoli composite application management solution is designed to help you:

The Tivoli solution addresses all three dimensions of effective application management:

IBM is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant in Gartner, Inc.'s J2EE Application Server Management Magic Quadrant. Read the Gartner report (PDF) here.

The Tivoli Composite Application Management solution is part of the IBM IT Lifecycle Management solution which includes Govern IT, Ensure Functional Quality, Ensure System Performance, and Accelerate Deployment solution scenarios. It is also an integral part of IBM's IT Service Management solutions that are designed to help deliver services based upon a framework of best practices.

For more information on effectively managing composite applications, view our web feature or the application management solutions white paper.

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