Get the latest innovations for the eServer iSeries

Want to run Windows, OS/400, and Linux applications on one midrange server?


For a quick overview of the new iSeries innovations, see

The information that follows shows what's in it for you when you choose the new iSeries models.

Who needs the iSeries innovations?

You need the innovative iSeries if:

  • You liked the idea of the Integrated IBM eServer i270 but want these features in another iSeries model.
  • You need to consolidate Linux, OS/400, and Windows applications on one server.
  • You want to enhance the advanced integration, ease of use, rapid deployment, and self-managing capabilities of the iSeries for your small or medium business.

How do you choose the right iSeries server for your needs?

The Integrated xSeries Server provides iSeries options for Windows server management, including flexible storage management and advanced user administration. To support running Windows, OS/400, and Linux applications on the same server, you get the speed of 1GHz and up to 4GB of memory. You can also protect your investment for future enhancements with the new XA-32 and XA-64 technology. For more information, see

The iSeries Offering for Linux gives you an i820 server customized with installation wizards so that you can easily deploy up to 15 Linux partitions. This Linux-only server is quick to deploy and easy to manage for your e-Infrastructure applications.

The iSeries Entry Servers give you a wide choice of sizes and features so that you can get only what you need at attractive prices:

  • iSeries Model i270 offers up to 800 GB of disk capacity and can be upgraded later this year if needed.
  • iSeries Model i250 comes in either an Entry or a Growth package. Both offer two 18 GB mirrored disk drives, 256 MB of main memory, and more.
  • iSeries models i820, i830, and i840 offer twice the disk storage capacity of older models, a high-capacity 60GB 8 mm tape drive, and more.

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