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Kelvin Lawrence

Kelvin Lawrence

Based in Austin, Texas, Kelvin Lawrence is currently IBM CTO of Emerging Internet Software Standards. He is also an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He is currently focused on the advancement, standardization and deployment of technologies based on XML and Web services and on other emerging internet technologies and standards. One current focus is the addition of security technologies to Web services. Kelvin is the co-chair of the Web Services Security Technical Committee at OASIS. Prior to this, Kelvin was IBM CTO for XML Technology. In that role Kelvin focused on the development and deployment (in IBM products and services offerings) of XML technology (including parsers, style sheet engines and Web services components). Kelvin was a member of the W3C XML Binary Characterization Working Group which investigated the possible creation of a binary XML format. Kelvin is also very interested in declarative application design (using XML grammars to design applications and user interfaces) and is investigating many related technologies. Kelvin also spends quite a lot of his time travelling and meeting with IBM customers world wide, a part of his job that he enjoys very much.

Check out Kelvin's blog on A focus on emerging software standards and technology.

The presentations below are in PDF and can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader.
Web services and SOA

Kelvin's keynote on Web services and SOA as delivered at the SHARE conference in Boston in August 2005 and at the Evolve conference in Brisbane, Australia in December 2004.

Advanced Web Services Specifications (Beyond SOAP, WSDL and UDDI)

Kelvin's detailed walk through of the advanced Web Services specifications (beyond SOAP, WSDL and UDDI) from SHARE in Boston, August 2005. Note that Kelvin will be presenting an updated version of these slides at the Colorado Software Summit in October 2005. After that time, updated versions of these slides will be posted here.

Introduction to XML with examples

Kelvin's introduction to XML presentation as used at many conferences and also in other venues, including universities.

A Detailed Introduction to Parsing and Processing XML documents using Java™ technology

Kelvin has given versions of this talk at many venues including JavaOne and the Colorado Software Summit in 2000 and more recently at SHARE and XML One (London) in 2001. These are the very latest slides updated to reflect the most recent advances in the related XML technologies. This is the full three-hour version of the talk.

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Sample files
Introduction to XML session
This zip file includes sample files from the Introduction to XML session.

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