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Mark Colan

Mark Colan

Mark Colan is Innovation Evangelist for jStart, IBM Software Group's Customer Innovation Team, which offers low-cost consultation for proof-of-concept and pilot projects. Mark specializes in SOA, Web Services, and Emerging Technologies such as Autonomic Computing, Open Source, Rich Client Technologies, Social Networking / Next-generation Collaboration, RFID. He is especially interested in talking to customers who would like to try SOA or emerging technologies to solve a particular problem.

Check out Mark's new blog on Emerging Technologies, at

If you are interested in having Mark speak at your event, company, university, or user group, please send an email to mcolan =at=

Mark presents at conferences, to customers, to user groups and universities, and to anyone who will listen. The presentations below are in PDF and can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader.
SOA "So what" How SOA expands the Web Services vision (August 2005)

To some, SOA is just the latest buzzword, and means the same thing as Web services. To IBM, SOA is a larger vision for building applications from reusable components (called "services") which includes new architectural components and capabilities.

This talk defines SOA and services, and provides the technical advantage as well as business drivers for the technologies. It compares SOA and Web services, discusses current implementations, and looks at the future of SOA with Business Processes. As the service-oriented infrastructure becomes more mature, we can anticipate a number of management problems - and offer solutions, such as the Web Services Gateway and the Enterprise Service Bus.

SOA in the Mainstream: Real Stories from Real Customers  (August 2005)

For almost 5 years Web services and SOA has been praised as the universal integration technology, and the future of IT. Now that Gartner Group has declared that the industry is in the "plateau of productivity" for Web Services, what are customers actually doing with SOA?

This talk presents four production deployment stories from our customers, starting with one of the earliest uses of SOAP I'm aware of, to one of the most sophisticated and advanced SOA deployments for an industrial marketplace, which uses Business Process Models in BPEL and an Enterprise Service Bus to simplify internal management and improve connectivity.

SOA and Web Services for Architects and Developers (August 2004)

This talk introduces SOA and Web Services from a practical perspective. SOA concepts are explained, Web Services technologies like SOAP and WSDL are introduced in detail, and an overview of the other technologies is presented. We examine the difference between SOA and Web Services. This talk is driven by several demos showing how a simple Java Bean can be turned into a Web Service using WebSphere Studio/Rational Application Developer, how we can easily call that service from a Java requester application, and we'll present how WebSphere Studio makes it all fast and easy to accomplish.

Understanding Web Services Security (August 2004)

This talk discusses security requirements and technologies, and how the WS-Security 1.0 standard provides security capabilities to Web Services by building on the existing technologies. We also present several emerging security standards that will be required in more complex, multi-partner SOA solutions. Finally, a brief treatment of current product support, along with a list of resources, round out the presentation.

Web Services Best Practices (October 2004)
This fine talk by Rachel Reinitz and Kyle Brown offers suggestions on how to implement Web services - and how and when NOT to implement Web services - based on experience from the field. It is posted here because they don't yet have a Web site for this material, and we sometimes draw on this material for our presentations, plus it is useful to our audience.

In addition to the resources they list in this talk, see also the Web Services Best Practices series (over 12 papers now) which you can find on IBM's developerworks site.

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Articles and interviews
Service-Oriented Architecture expands the vision of Web services (Part 1)  (Part 2)
This is a comprhensive introduction to SOA, written with a focus on how it introduces new and expanded ideas beyond the original Web Services architecture. It is intended as a series of several articles, and two are published so far, with new ones coming later this year.
Q&A with Mark Colan Evangelist, SOA and Web Services: IBM Corporation
Get IBM's read on the current state of Service Oriented Architecture. This article is in a Q&A format, with detailed answers on some interesting questions about SOA.
Interview with Mark Colan at Web Services Summit, San Diego, January 2004
Available as MP3 or with video

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