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z/VSE is a widely used mainframe operating system. z/VSE is designed to offer a stable, secure, and continuously available environment for applications running on the mainframe (IBM System z). z/VSE today is the result of nearly five decades of technological advancement. z/VSE evolved from a simple operating system that could process a single program at a time to a sophisticated operating system that can handle many programs and interactive users concurrently.

What it does for you:

z/VSE is designed to take advantage of the z/Architecture. It supports the latest IBM System z processors (mainframe) and IBM System Storage (ECKD, SCSI disks and tape systems).

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Request for enhancement

To submit a requirement you have two options:

The preferred option is to use the RFE tool. With the RFE tool you can monitor a submitted requirement. Please select the following information to identify the z/VSE component that requirement should address:

  • Brand = Servers and Systems Software
  • Product family = zSeries Software
  • Product = z/VSE
  • Component = You may choose the component
  • Operating System = IBM z/VSE

For CICS TS for VSE requirements please select the following:

  • Brand = Servers and Systems Software
  • Product family = Transaction Processing
  • Product = CICS Transaction Server
  • Component = Runtime (= CICS TS) or Explorer
  • Operating System = IBM z/VSE

Expert on this topic

  • Ingolf Salm

    Ingolf Salm

    Ingolf Salm is STSM and the z/VSE Lead Architect. Since 1981, he has been a member of the VSE development team located in Boeblingen, Germany. His favorite project was the implementation of the z/VSE Turbo Dispatcher. Besides z/VSE, he also worked on Linux on System z projects.

Request for Enhancement

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