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IBM Platform Conductor for Spark addresses challenges that organizations face in deploying Apache Spark. These challenges include integrating Spark into existing environments, managing Spark lifecycles in the face of frequent updates to open-source Spark distributions, and managing numerous Spark deployments within the organization.

Platform Conductor for Spark is an end-to-end enterprise-grade multitenant solution for Apache Spark. It allows organizations to deploy Apache Spark efficiently and effectively, supporting multiple deployments of Spark, increasing performance and scale, and maximizing resource usage.


Platform Conductor for Spark eliminates resource silos that are tied to multiple Apache Spark implementations, and provides the following additional benefits:

Platform Conductor for Spark supports Spark multitenancy, allowing you to run multiple instances of Spark, including different versions, in a shared environment. Different groups can run their own instances of Spark and it is not necessary for all Spark instances to be upgraded in lockstep.


Apache Spark requires a separate resource manager and can interface with various distributed storage models. Platform Conductor for Spark addresses both of these requirements. It incorporates the EGO resource manager that lies at the heart of IBM® Platform™ Symphony a proven technology for granular and dynamic resource management. For storage management, it incorporates IBM Spectrum Scale FPO technology. Platform Conductor for Spark also includes a Spark distribution, making it a complete end-to-end solution for organizations looking to deploy Spark both for exploratory projects and in production environments.

Platform Conductor for Spark is available as part of an uber installation package, enabling you to leverage multiple product capabilities. The common installation enables you to install Platform Conductor for Spark along with IBM Platform Symphony and IBM Platform Application Service Controller. You can entitle each product as required to gain from different functionalities across the three products.

For more information, see IBM Application Service Controller and IBM Platform Symphony.

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