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Meet the experts

Connect, learn, and share directly with the OSLC Platform experts. Access our expert profiles and collaborate on OSLC Platform topics.

Data Integration

Tuan Dang's photo
Tuan Dang
Tuan Dang is a Senior Software Engineer in the Tivoli division of IBM Software group. During his IBM career, he has been responsible for design and development in various areas including database design and administration, web performance, B2B protocols and data modeling. He is currently focused on data integration within the Tivoli portfolio of products.  


John Arwe's photo
John Arwe
John Arwe is a Senior Technical Staff Member lead architect for Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and Linked Data in Tivoli, which Tivoli is using to deliver enhanced, yet loosely coupled integration. John also performs expert reviews of new RESTful APIs so that they are aligned with Linked Data and OSLC. John previously worked in standards and in the mainframe operating system (z/OS) kernel focused on sysplex and policy-driven autonomic management of IT resources to meet workload performance goals.

Business Development

Michael Hayes' photo
Scott Donohoo
Scott Donohoo is an IT Specialist in Tivoli Business Development. Currently he is responsible for supporting IBM business partners in the design and implementation of integration between 3rd party applications and products across the Tivoli portfolio, primarily those in the ITM/ITCAM and Netcool families. Prior to his current role, Scott was a developer for the Tivoli NetView product.

IBM Integration Product Manager

Beth Sarnie's photo
Beth Sarnie
Beth Sarnie is a member of the Tivoli Strategy team focused on integration. In this role, she is responsible for driving multi-product solution integration. She is the product manager in Tivoli leading the direction toward an open linked data approach to integration. Beth Sarnie is an Information Systems professional with 30 years of experience at IBM in development management, project management, systems engineering, communication and network software development.

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