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Meet the experts

Connect, learn, and share directly with the network and service assurance experts. Access our expert profiles and collaborate on network and service assurance topics.

Best Practices

Craig Wigley
Craig Wigley is the Team Lead for Best Practices in the Network and Service Assurance product suite within the Tivoli Division of IBM's Software Group. He has over 25 years experience in Information Technology, particularly in product architecture and telecommunications.


Steve Howell's photo
Steve Howell
Steve Howell is a member of the OMNIbus Web GUI team, based in IBM's Bristol office in the UK, and has worked in both development and Level 3 support for OMNIbus. In total he has spent 10 years working on products in the Tivoli Netcool suite, covering the areas of performance, network change, and event management.

OMNIbus Core

David Morton
David Morton is a member of the OMNIbus Core team, based in IBM's Southbank offices in the UK. He has been working on the core team for 2 years now with a strong focus on security, performance and integration of other products. David's blog posts have a focus on creating additional functionality with existing Netcool/OMNIbus products.

OMNIbus Integration

Mahyuddin Khalid's photo
Mahyuddin Khalid
Mahyuddin Khalid is a member of the OMNIbus Integration (Probes) team, based in IBM's Malaysia Development Lab. He has been working on the Tivoli Netcool Performance Management (TNPM) product for 2 years before joining Probes L3 support team now for 3 years. Mahyuddin's blog posts have focus on creating best practices for Probe's configurations, trouble shooting guides and known issues found during support works.

Information Development

Paraic O'Raghallaigh
Paraic O'Raghallaigh writes documentation for products in the IBM Netcool product suite. Based in the IBM Galway office in Ireland, over the past 5 years he has worked on a number of products, such as Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager (TNPM), and more recently the IBM Netcool Network Analytics solution. His focus has been on the user requirements for Network Performance, Service Assurance, and Network and Service Analytics.

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