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Meet the experts

Connect, learn, and share directly with the Data Center Automation experts. Access our expert profiles and collaborate on Data Center Automation topics.


Isabell Schwertle
Isabell Schwertle is a lead developer in the Tivoli System Automation product portfolio, and she is responsible for multiple areas within the product. Isabell is proficient in data center automation, high availability, disaster recovery and cloud technologies. Isabell studied computer science at the University of St. Andrews and Stuttgart Media University, graduating in 2007.


Thomas Lumpp
Dr. Thomas Lumpp is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM. Thomas is the Tivoli architect for Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms and Tivoli System Automation Application Manager development. His major focus is on data center automation, high availability, disaster recovery, and resilient cloud landscapes.

Information Architect

Nicola Yap's image
Nicola Yap
Nicola Yap is an information architect at the IBM Toronto Lab. Since 1997, she has helped teams at IBM and other companies to evolve the way they develop documentation and improve the user experience for their customers.


Joe Wigglesworth's photo
Joe Wigglesworth
Joe Wigglesworth is a Senior Technical Staff Member in Tivoli product development and the architect for the Tivoli Image Library. Previously, he was the Manager of IBM's Centre for Advanced Studies at the Toronto Lab, responsible for encouraging and facilitating joint research projects between IBM development teams and academic researchers throughout the world.

Information Development

Delia Rusu's image
Delia Rusu
Delia Rusu is a usability-oriented information developer for Tivoli Provisioning Manager. In her role, she is also responsible for the user assistance for the product, the overall consistency of the terminology on the user interface, and the search engine optimization for the various information deliverables that are provided with the Tivoli Provisioning Manager product.

Senior Technical Staff

Mark Leitch's photo
Mark Leitch
Mark Leitch is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Tivoli division of IBM. Mark works in the area of performance and high availability solutions for IBM's cloud and data centre automation products. Primary interests include systems architecture and runtime optimisation.

Test Architect

Ian Watts's photo
Ian Watts
Ian Watts is the test architect  for Tivoli Provisioning Manager. In his role, he is responsible for ensuring that the product that ships of of the best quality possible.   He is also responsible for the TPM service stream quality and setting the tools and strategies used to test the products.  With his deep knowledge of the TPM product and many years as a test automation developer Ian plays an important role in release development as the test architect and a part of the product architecture team.  Ian is also a member of the QSE Test Automation team that looks to set the strategy for testing across the IBM Software Group.   He is also a well known advocate for customers using TPM and has been involved in designing new solutions to resolved issues faced in the field with a specialty in TPM SDI infrastructure and cross product integration points.

Best Practices

Axel Hoppe's photo
Axel Hoppe
Axel Hoppe is Principal Consultant and Consulting IT-Specialist at IBM's Software Group, Tivoli Services. He has more than 20 years experience in the IT-arena and joined IBM with the transition of the former Candle Corporation. He was lead architect and developer of the High Availability feature of ITM 6.x. He is focussed on High Availability of ITM, DB2, SAP, as well as on developing HA structures for clouds,  custom applications and middleware in cross brand projects and for customers.

Development and Architecture

Bernd Jostmeyer's photo
Bernd Jostmeyer
Bernd Jostmeyer is senior software engineer and the lead developer of System Automation Application Manager. Bernd is working on various topics concerning data center automation, high availability, disaster recovery and resiliency for cloud environments.

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