Requesting enhancements for PowerVC

The IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE tool) is now available for you to submit formal enhancement requests to the PowerVC engineering team. One of the benefits of using the RFE tool is that other clients can vote on submitted requirements, which helps IBM to prioritize the request. A number of other IBM products, such as WebSphere have used the RFE tool with great success.

Getting started with Enhancement Requests

Click the Request for Enhancement to get started.

The SMC for PowerVC pages are part of DeveloperWorks and require that you sign in with an IBM ID to submit or vote on a request. You should make sure that your IBM ID profile includes your current company and your email address to insure we can contact you if we have questions.

Please search first

Please click on the “Search” tab to view existing requests before you submit a new request.

Submitting duplicate requests will waste everyone’s time. It is much more useful to vote for a previously submitted request than to submit a new, duplicate request.