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IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM) is a discovery and dependency mapping tool that provides visibility into the composition of your business applications and their supporting infrastructure, including cross-tier dependencies, runtime configuration values, and change history, through robust application mapping and agentless discovery capabilities. TADDM discovers and stores key configuration information to help you understand what has changed in your environment, or potential impacts of a prospective change, minimizing the risk of service-effecting incidents.

All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
07 Jan 2014 Beta Asynchronous discovery for Windows platform; New Extended Attributes features; SP800-131 security mode; Delta books utility program enhancements
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Milestone 5

Milestone 5 Readme
15 Nov 2013 Beta Business Services enhancements; HP Blade System SNMP sensor; IIS Web Service Sensor enhancements
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Milestone 4
25 Oct 2013 Beta Script-based discovery for Windows platform; Simplification of sensors' creation: XML support for Extended Attributes
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Milestone 3
29 Aug 2013 Beta Automated Business Application composition tracking - basic capabilities; Caching of access credentials; VMWare ESXi discovery
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Milestone 2
14 Aug 2013 Beta Discovery of IBM Websphere MQ Server 7.1 and 7.5; Discovery of JBoss Application Server 6 Grouping of discovery scopes
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Milestone 1
3 Jun 2013 Beta Extending discovery coverage to give better picture for discovered environment
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V7.2.2 Milestone 7
4 Apr 2013 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 6
11 Mar 2013 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 5
20 Feb 2013 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 4
21 Jan 2013 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 3
17 Oct 2012 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 2
31 Aug 2012 Beta V7.2.2 Milestone 1

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