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IBM SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight provides cloud consumers with a lightweight solution for monitoring the performance and availability of their web-delivered applications.

All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
13 Dec 2013 Trial Evaluate SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight V1.2 Version 1.2
2 Dec 2013 Beta Support for: Monitoring Agent for WebSphere Applications, Monitoring Agent for Ruby, Monitoring Agent for MongoDB
Milestone 3
5 Aug 2013 Beta Support to monitor MySQL Data Base Milestone 2
25 Jun 2013 Beta Support to monitor a Windows VM Milestone 1
23 Apr 2013 Trial SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight V1.1 Version 1.1
30 Mar 2013 Beta New time out, credential, and communications problem indicators; Improved performance and scale; More readable generic tables V1.1 Milestone 7
15 Feb 2013 Beta Response Time monitoring; UI based installation configuration; Event forwarding via email; Enhanced group editor; Enhanced threshold editor V1.1 Milestone 6
14 Dec 2012 Beta V1.1 Milestone 5
06 Nov 2012 Beta V1.1 Milestone 4
5 Oct 2012 Beta V1.1 Milestone 3
14 Sep 2012 Beta V1.1 Milestone 2
29 Aug 2012 Beta V1.1 Milestone 1

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