IBM Smart Cloud Monitoring is based on an integrated set of strategic IBM/Tivoli technologies and products that provide a complete solution for monitoring the health of clouds and virtual environments. This includes availability, performance and capacity of the resources of the virtual infrastructure of clouds and data centers as well as of the resources allocated to the workloads and cloud services running in the virtual environment.

All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
1 Aug 2013 Beta [ More ] Milestone 2
6 Jun 2013 Beta PowerVM and VMware Capacity Planner updates
[ More ]
Milestone 1
18 Jan 2013 Beta Cisco UCS Agent updates V7.2 Milestone 5
19 Nov 2012 Beta VMware VI Agent updates V7.2 Milestone 4
11 Oct 2012 Beta KVM Agent updates V7.2 Milestone 3
30 Aug 2012 Beta Capacity Planning Install and Deploy updates V7.2 Milestone 2
19 Sep 2012 Beta VMware Dashboard updates V7.2 Milestone 1

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