SmartCloud Application Performance Management - User Interface

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Application Performance Management (APM) UI provides attractive, out of box, fast-response and highly customizable dashboards for managing performance and availability of business applications.

All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
25 Nov 2013 Beta Search; Support for "My Components"; Getting started page Milestone 8
1 Nov 2013 Beta PDCollector; IPv6 Support; Breadcrumb; Tune SCR performance Milestone 7
10 Sep 2013 Beta Integration with IT Portal; TT BackEnd transaction dashboard; Support data migration from v7.5 and; One-Step Installation; SCR Windows 2012 support Milestone 6
20 Aug 2013 Beta Detect update from Transaction; Role-based authorization; Create applications that contain cluster type of components. Milestone 5
3 Jul 2013 Beta Connection management; Role-based authorization; DataPower dashboard Milestone 4
31 May 2013 Beta New dashboards for Microsoft .Net Framework
New dashboard (Alpha version) for DataPower appliance
Milestone 3
28 Apr 2013 Beta Milestone 2
6 Feb 2013 Beta Milestone 1

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