Combat fraud, cyber attacks, non-compliance, infrastructure damage, and illegal or terrorist activity by turning big data into actionable intelligence

In the world of big data, threats are increasing in frequency, complexity, and potential for damage. Whether investigating criminal or terrorist networks, monitoring activity across national borders, strengthening cyber security measures, or protecting yourself and your customers from fraud and financial crime, the flexible design of IBM Safer Planet Solutions will help you turn large amounts of disparate data into actionable intelligence.

See how our IBM Safer Planet Services team can help make your part of the planet safer.

Intelligence and defense

Intelligence and Defense

Intelligence-led operations

Apply analysis and advanced analytics to accelerate and inform the data-to-decision process for cyber threat, intelligence and forensic investigations, and national defense.

Law enforcement

Law Enforcement

Serve, investigate, analyze and protect

Reduce crime and improve public safety with analysis, lead generation, and collaboration solutions.

Where are you vulnerable?

Data threats

Use persistent threat information from multiple cyber data sources to create insight and understand vulnerability.

Public safety

Deliver smarter policing, confident field support, proactive deterrence, and lower crime rates.

Loss prevention

Reduce fraud, abuse, and errors by detecting fraudulent claims and claim patterns, even in real time.

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