IBM Security Access Manager unboxed


Steve Herskowitz, an L3 security support engineer for IBM, demonstrates how to get IBM Security Access Manager up and running in a series of four videos. He begins by explaining how to install the virtual machine, continues on with how to configure the command-line interface, then finishes with how to create a reverse proxy.

Installing the virtual machine

In the first video, Steve demonstrates how to install the IBM Security Access Manager virtual machine image into VMWare.

Configuring the command-line interface

In the second part of the discussion, Steve demonstrates how to configure the ISAM CLI to get the graphical interface running.

Creating a reverse proxy

In part 3, Steve uses the graphical interface to configure a simple reverse proxy.

Configuring the Web Gateway Appliance's Front End Load Balancer

In part 4, Steve walks through step-by-step instructions for configuring the front-end load balancer in the IASM 7.0 Appliance. proxy.

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