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  • Gain security insights into Bluemix with Apache Libcloud

    95 Apache Libcloud  is a Python library for interacting with many of the  popular cloud service providers that use a unified  API. Libcloud is always thought of as a library  meant to help with operational and management of  workloads across many cloud providers, but we find  that it could also be used for gaining visibility or  insight into your cloud workloads. The goal of this  tutorial is to describe how to gather certain  security information by using Apache Libcloud in the  IBM cloud deployments, with the help of a few code  snippets.

    Sulakshan Vajipayajula / 02 February 2016

  • IBM Security Access Manager: Protect websites with context-based access

    95 Learn how to  secure a website with context-based two-factor  authentication by integrating and configuring IBM  Security Access Manager (ISAM) for Web and IBM  Security Access Manager for Mobile. The authors will  demonstrate how to use ISAM for Mobile's  context-based authorization and one-time password  (OTP) interface to enable security architects to  apply intelligent stronger authentication access  decisions across an organization's  website.

    Philip Nye / 21 December 2015

  • Use LDAP for authentication and authorization in your Node.js Bluemix application

    95In this  tutorial, I show the user how to use his existing  LDAP infrastructure to provide authentication and  authorization decisions to a Node.js Bluemix  application.

    Ori Pomerantz / 09 December 2015

  • Configure an ISAM reverse proxy as a PEP to an OpenID connect provider

    95IBM Security  Access Manager Version 9 added support for OpenID  Connect. This protocol builds on OAuth Version 2.0,  but the access tokens issued by an OpenID Connect  Provider cannot be used out of the box to access  protected resources. In this article, I explain how  to configure this.

    Leo Farrell / 08 December 2015

  • Use SSL for secure network data transport with Bluemix and dashDB

    95Secure Sockets  Layer (SSL) is a connectivity protocol that ensures  private communication over a network. With SSL,  client and server applications can transmit data  safely, with little risk of eavesdropping,  tampering, or message forgery. In this tutorial,  you'll learn how to configure SSL for secure data  connections between various client applications and  dashDB, a data warehousing and analytics  solution that is part of IBM's Bluemix  platform.

    Eric Dong / 08 December 2015

  • Manage security alerts with IBM DevOps Track & Plan

    95Track & Plan  is predominately used during application  development. However, it can also be used by the  applications to inform the administrator when they  are under attack. In this tutorial, you learn the  coding to make this happen.

    Ori Pomerantz / 23 November 2015